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Dogs - Ideal Home

Ok, so maybe dog's aren't the best architects but here are some easy, practical ways you can make your home more canine friendly and keep your dog healthy and happy:

1.       Let sleeping dogs lie: Help your dog get a good night’s sleep by positioning comfortable bedding in a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed. Also put a beanbag near a window so they can be stimulated by outside activity when you are away from the house

2.       Play fetch: By playing games regularly, such as chase and fetch, you can keep them fit and healthy and give them plenty of mental stimulation as well as improving the bond you share

3.       Toileting: Make sure that your dog has access to a garden or a suitable toileting area and remember to clean up after him in public places

4.       Healthy smile: Dogs are omnivores and need strong, healthy teeth. Give your dog lots of toys or chews and ideally brush their teeth daily with a special dog toothpaste and toothbrush

5.       Keeping fit: Dogs need exercise like the rest of us! Take your dog for a long walk, play session or swim, as recommended for your dog’s breed or type. It’s a great opportunity for them to release their energy

6.       Pet Size-O-Meter: A healthy weight is important for a healthy dog. To keep your dog’s weight in check, use the Pet Size- O-Meter found on the PFMA website It is an easy to use tool to help you keep your dog healthy

7.       On the scent: dogs have an incredibly good sense of smell. Stimulate them by using bottled scents, e.g. deer scent, in your garden. They will love it, but always give them a treat at the end of the scent trail! If the treat is food instead of a cuddle be sure to reduce the daily food intake accordingly

8.       Staying social: Dogs are social pets. If you have more than one, put their bedding in the same place. This will reinforce their bond, especially when there is no one else home

9.       Healthy hydration: Makes sure your dog has a constant supply of water, particularly in hot weather

10.   Grooming: As well as helping them to look good, grooming is important to keep a check on their health. You can do this by checking their coat, teeth, ears, eyes, nose and paws as you groom

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