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Weight Management Tools


We estimate that almost half of UK cats and dogs are overweight. Dr Pauline Devlin, PFMA member, talks about the impact on pet health.

With expert advice, PFMA has published two reports: Obesity Report - 2009 and the Obesity Report - Five Years On. In light of findings, PFMA continued to develop a wide range of weight management tools to help professionals and owners understand how to keep pets healthy.

PFMA's Pet Size-O-Meters are probably the most well known resource produced and these should be used alongside the easy to use Food Diary and a Weight and Body Condition Log, which can be easily printed off an stuck onto the fridge at home. Please note that we have produced our materials for educational purposes and we ask that you don't chance the format or use them to sell any particular product. 

Our Did You Know Poster is a fantastic way of showing pet owners the shocking facts!  For example that a small chunk of cheese given to a cat is the equivalent of a human eating nine chunks! For families looking to get their children involved in petcare, have a look at our lovely Pet Pledge!

NEW - Use our new (2016) calorie calculators for dogs and for cats to work out how many calories they need per day, how many calories there are in their food, and how many grams of their food they should eat to maintain a healthy weght and body condition.

Weight Management Tools

Pet size-o-meters

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