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The Hoop And Dog Trick

Difficulty Level 1/5
To do this you will need:
·         some treats
·         patience
·         a hoop
·         an adult
·         your dog
This trick is for fully grown dogs only -  1-1.5 years for medium sized breeds and up to 2yrs for large breeds. Puppies and teenage dogs should never jump as their bones and joints are still developing.
1.     Have your hoop in your left hand and your dog on your left side too. (You can change hands if it’s more comfortable).
2.       Hold your hoop a bit out in front of you, so that the bottom of it is on the floor and so that your dog (with any luck) can walk through it.
3.       With your right hand holding the treat, tempt your dog or puppy through the hoop.
4.       Some dogs might be a bit scared of the hoop, so be patient and try to keep the hoop as still as possible.
5.       If your dog goes through the hoop, give it the treat and say “Good dog!” Do this a few times and reward your dog each time.
6.       Once your dog is doing this every time, ask it to sit first and then call it through the hoop. And of course give it a reward.
7.       A couple of centimetres at a time so that he/she has to jump a little to get through. Gradually get the hoop higher and higher, rewarding your dog every time! Crufts Agility Trials here you come!

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