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Teach Your Cat To Sit

Difficulty Level 3/5

You’ll need:
-        some tasty cat treats
-        heaps of patience
-        an adult to see how well you are doing!
-        your cat
1.       Stroke your cat so that it is happy and relaxed. As your cat is standing up offer it a treat. While your cat is sniffing the treat (so make sure it’s tasty) move the treat up above your cat’s head towards its tail.
2.       If your cat does sit down give it the treat. If your cat jumps up for the treat you might be holding it a bit high so move it down a little.
3.       Once your cat has got the hang of sitting down, begin to say, “sit!” just as you move the treat above its head.
4.       Smart cats will soon work out that the word is the signal to sit. If your cat doesn’t get it, keep trying. It’ll get there eventually.

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