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Rabbits – Ideal Home

So maybe rabbits don't make the best architects but here are some easy, practical ways of making your home and garden bunny friendly and keeping your pet healthy and happy:  

Natural grazing behaviour – Rabbits naturally graze and forage for their food. You can encourage this natural behaviour by scattering hay, leafy vegetables and specialist rabbit food. By concealing the food in hidden places, like inside an empty toilet roll or a rabbit feeding toy, you can encourage foraging. Also use protected wire to hang green vegetation in high places.

Interior design – Rabbits are used to jumping around in the outdoors and spending time underground. Help your rabbit feel at home by putting small cardboard boxes and tubes in the hutch

Bunny boudoir – Unlike us, rabbits are mostly active at dawn and dusk which means they often sleep during the day. Replicate their natural underground environment by keeping their sleeping area dark and cosy. Rabbits can also use this area as a hide out when they feel threatened

Keeping cool – Rabbits don’t like being in direct sunlight, so make sure they have plenty of shade during the day, especially in hot weather. During cold weather, plenty of bedding food and hay will help your rabbit stay warm.

Playground paradise – Our furry friends need space to graze and explore. They should be let out of their cage for exercise each day

Toileting tray – Rabbits generally choose a specific area as their toileting space. To train them to use a certain area, place dirty bedding in a tray and reward their behaviour with a treat. Clean your rabbit cage out daily and keep your rabbit’s bottom clean to prevent fly strike, which is a risk, particularly in summer

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