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Rabbits – Do's And Don'ts


 Feed your rabbit the right diet. They need a specialised rabbit food and their own body weight in hay to eat each day.  See Bunnie's Breakfasts for other food to complement their diet.

 Use the feeding guide. Remember your pet is an individual and the guide is just an idea. So a lively, playful rabbit may need more food than an older rabbit that doesn’t do as much.  If in doubt ask your vet. 

 Make sure your rabbit or other small herbivores (animals that only eat plants) have lots of good quality forage, like leaves and grasses, to eat.

 Make sure your rabbit always has plenty of fresh clean water available.

 Give your pet its own bowls for food and water and don’t forget to wash up!


 Feed a lot of treats. If you do, reduce the food you’re giving them at mealtimes.

 Don’t give human food snacks and treats to your rabbit. These are often too fattening for them and lead to them putting on weight. 

 Root vegetables (like carrots) or fruit can be given to rabbits as an occasional treat but not too often as they can are high in starch and sugar.

 When you feed small your rabbit, don’t refill half empty bowls until they’ve eaten all the food.

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