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Pregnancy And After Care

 During her 9 week pregnancy a bitch does not need any more food than usual until the 6 week stage.  Her food should then be increased by around a third until the puppies are born.  This can be easily achieved by using a puppy food to feed the pregnant bitch.  

While producing milk, about 3-4 times more calories are needed, so the bitch will need to be fed a suitable food that is higher in protein, energy and calcium to support milk production at frequent intervals through the day.  A puppy food would be appropriate to do this.

For a healthy, happy pet, you need to keep it at the right weight throughout its life. Being overweight, or indeed underweight, can lead to serious health risks. It is good to get in to the habit of checking your pet on regular basis. The Pet Size O-Meter is the perfect tool to do this. We recommend checking your dog every two weeks to increase their chances of  living a long and healthy life.

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