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Burns Pet Food - Sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest animal welfare standards

Burns continues to use sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest animal welfare standards in wet food range.

Produced in South Wales, for the Burns wet food they source as many local ingredients as possible. The organic chicken comes from Pembrokeshire, the chickens are kept to the highest standards and have environmental enrichment. Many of the free range eggs used come from Burns’ own farm (pictured) and they sell the same eggs in their farm shop. As this food has grown in popularity, they also buy in other local free-range eggs to meet the demand. The eggs are certified by the vegetarian society

The fish is sustainably caught and certified by the Soil Association.

Their lamb supplier is mainly Welsh lamb and sources all lamb from Red Tractor Scheme farms. They hold animal welfare as a top priority, they have dedicated Animal Welfare teams and carry out ongoing training to their staff to ensure these high standards are maintained.

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