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(Reference: Fediaf Nutritional Guidelines)

Calculating metabolisable energy (ME) of products in their natural state:

The ME (metabolisable energy) in products of vegetable or animal origin, in their natural state, fresh or preserved, such as meat, offal, milk products, cooked starch sources; highly digestible special products such as milk substitutes or diets for enteral nutrition has to be predicted with the following equations.

Dogs: kcal ME = (4 x % crude protein) + (9 x % crude fat) + (4 x % NFE)

Cats: kcal ME = (4 x % crude protein) + (8.5 x % crude fat) + (4 x % NFE)

To use the calculators for raw pet food products please use the tabs on the right hand side of this page.

For other (heat processed dry and wet pet food) please use the NRC 4-step method for cats or dogs.

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