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Foods for older cats are available that have an adjusted nutritional composition. Nutrients that boost immune function may be used and special attention is paid to make the food palatable and easy to chew.

Particular attention should be made to body weight as this can go up initially, but may reduce as a cat gets very old.

Cats also experience changes in how they digest their food as they age – specifically, they cannot digest protein or oils as efficiently as before. Senior diets are formulated to be more digestible to help combat these changes.

Always consult a vet if worried about changes in a cats weight, especially as the cat ages. 

For a healthy, happy pet, you need to keep it at the right weight throughout its life. Being overweight, or indeed underweight, can lead to serious health risks. It is good to get into the habit of checking your pet on a regular basis. The Cat Size O-Meter is the perfect tool to do this. We recommend checking once a month to increase the chances of your pet living a long and healthy life.

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