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Nutrition Fact Sheets & Posters

Here in our Nutrition Fact Sheets & Posters section, we have our ever-expanding range of nutrition fact sheets covering a wide variety of topics from puppy nutrition and homemade diets to raw feeding and food allergies.

You can also access our videos and expert presentations about pet food and nutrition. All of our resources can be downloaded (for free) and printed for display in your vet practice, pet shop, welfare charity or educational establishment. 


At PFMA, we work with many pet nutrition experts who have helped us create numerous useful posters, tools and resources to support the healthy weight management of pets. They are written by professionals for professionals - to be shared with pet owners. We hope that having all these tools in one place helps you on your weight management journey.

Healthy Pet Food Checklist

Dr Marge Chandler’s top 3 tips for choosing a pet food

Pet food fact sheets

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