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Vets and owners believe prepared pet foods deliver the best nutrition to pets

Recent research among 2100 pet owners and 150 veterinary professionals conducted by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) indicates a high level of confidence in the pet food industry.

70% of owners and 85% of vets agree that commercially prepared pet food provides optimum nutrition and almost 60% of owners and 95% vets would go as far as to say pets are living longer as a result of advanced nutrition.

The consumer research also confirmed that owners are confident that that there are strict rules and regulations governing the industry (70%).  

Nicole Paley, Communications Manager at PFMA comments: Despite this confidence, there is a gap between expert knowledge and pet owner perceptions.  Our research at the London Vet Show confirmed some stubborn myths and misconceptions about the industry and some areas we are keen to address.  Top queries in to pet food company care lines include questions on pet food labels, particularly understanding the terminology used including categories such as ‘meat and animal derivatives’.

Nicole Paley adds: “We are keen to do more to raise owner confidence even further.  Pet care professionals are at the forefront answering such questions and throughout 2015, we will be working to ensure they have all the tools and resources they need to do this. In addition to sharing facts and information, PFMA will be participating in discussions on pet nutrition and pet food matters, hosting seminars at key events around the country.      

The latest tools and educational resources from the PFMA include:

  • Short film animation on how cat and dog food is made
  • Monthly myth busting fact sheets 
  • Pet Size-O-Meters
  • Educational posters and leaflets for display in shops and practices


With additional tools launched later in the year, make sure you keep in touch by registering with the PFMA at 

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The pet food industry: Playing a part in sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

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