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Vet Survey shows a rise in Dog and Cat Obesity - PFMA launches new Obesity Poster ‘Get Hands on with your Pet’

Vet Survey shows a rise in Dog and Cat Obesity - PFMA launches new Obesity Poster ‘Get Hands on with your Pet’

PFMA’s survey of 215 veterinary professionals at the London Vet Show in November has highlighted a rise in obesity among cats and dogs, which now stands at 52% of dogs and 47% of cats – 3% higher than 2016 levels. Small mammals and birds fare slightly better with vets confirming 32% and 12% respectively are overweight or obese.

Veterinary professionals at the show highlighted the need for improved nutrition teaching at vet school, giving the current provision four out of ten.  In order to assess how confidence can be improved, PFMA also quizzed attendees on their preferred channels for receiving nutritional advice:

- 77% voted for face to face training

- 66% would like online resources

- 60% requested generic posters and leaflets

Nicole Paley, communications manager at PFMA, confirmed: “We were delighted to unveil our NEW Obesity Poster ‘Get Hands on With your Pet’, which enables veterinary and other pet care professionals to clearly demonstrate the multifaceted way owners can help overweight pets.  The pet industry is working hard to tackle obesity levels and we do hope that this new poster, alongside our other free and generic resources go some way to educating professionals and the public.

PFMA is also increasing the number of training events run throughout the year and continuing to improve its range of educational materials.   The selection, which includes 14 fact sheets on nutrition topics and five popular pet size-o-meters is all available to download for free at This link can be used on vet practice websites.

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Note to editors:

PFMA is the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry and our 70 members account for over 90% of the market. At the PFMA we focus on providing pet owners and professionals with information on prepared pet foods and good nutrition.


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