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Understanding Labelling

Understanding Labelling

The Pet Food Manufacturer's Association (PFMA) provides some advice on labelling and on understanding the term 'complete'.

The Pet Food Manufacturer's Association (PFMA) provides some advice on labelling and on understanding the term 'complete'. 


We recognise that pet food labelling isn't as pet owner friendly as we would like it to be; sometimes the terminology can be confusing; however we believe that a traffic light system on pet food labels does not work as it  overly simplifies what are currently complex labelling regulations.


Pet food labelling falls under EU legislation for all animal feed, meaning that the way information is listed on-pack is not always understandable for pet owners, although well understood by farmers. The good news is that most pet food manufacturers provide full product information on company websites and have dedicated customer care lines to provide further support and advice to pet owners.


The most important piece of information on a pet food label for an owner to understand is the term 'complete'. This is a legal definition and any product labelled as 'complete' must by law provide all the nutrients a pet needs for healthy bodily function.


In order to formulate a 'complete' product, members of the PFMA formulate their diets in line with  FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines for Dogs and Cats. These guidelines detail the nutritional needs of cats and dogs at the varying life stages from growth through to senior.


Our advice to owners is to choose a 'complete' pet food appropriate for their pet's life stage and life style while suiting the pet owner's budget.


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