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Survey reveals who has their canine companions neutered.

National Pet Month (NPM) has reminded people of the benefits of neutering their pets.

Data released by NPM trustee the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) shows that although 67% of UK dog owners have opted for neutering their dogs 33% have not.

Michael Bellingham, chairman of National Pet Month and chief executive of PFMA says: “This latest survey carried out in partnership with Dogs Trust really highlights that more education and awareness building is needed with regards to the positive impact neutering can have on our relationship with our dogs.

“National Pet Month is all about promoting responsible pet ownership and one of our Top 10 Tips urges pet owners to ‘Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate’.

He adds: “There are several very important reasons why pet owners should opt for neutering their canine companions. Firstly, neutering can help encourage good behaviour and lead to a calmer, more predictable dog, it can remove or reduce the risks of certain cancers and remove health risks such as pyometra, a potential fatal womb infection. Finally, the relatively low cost of neutering far outweighs the cost of unwanted pregnancies and a litter of puppies – an issue that has never been more important to address as rescue centres up and down the country are full of pets in urgent need of a forever home.”

Carried out amongst more than 2,000 people in February this year, research reveals the top areas in the country for neutering dogs are:

East of England 79%

North East 75%

South East 73%

West Midlands 72%

Wales 72%

Northern Ireland 71%

South West 69%

East Midlands 66%

Yorkshire and The Humber 66%

London 59%

North West 59%

Scotland 55%

When asked how old their oldest dog was when it was neutered, 38% of those surveyed said it was more than 12 months old, with 37% saying between six and 12 months old and 17% under six months.

These survey results come in the wake of National Pet Month (April 1-May 2) which promotes responsible pet ownership and encourages people to stage and attend events to raise money for a favourite UK pet charity.

Now in its 27th year, NPM’s focus for 2016 is its Top 10 Tips for responsible pet ownership (available at

Throughout the campaign there have been all kinds of fun and informative pet themed events across the country including pet fairs and shows, schools competitions, sponsored dog walks, pet-friendly church services, open days at veterinary practices and pet shops, cake bakes, fancy dress events and lots more.

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