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PFMA interview on SKY NEWS highlights Brexit priorities

PFMA interview on SKY NEWS highlights Brexit priorities

PFMA’s visit to Brussels, on 8 December, proved to be well-timed with Theresa May also flying in to agree phase one of the UK’s preliminary Brexit deal. Moreover, SKY NEWS requested an interview with our Chief Executive, Michael Bellingham, as a representative voice of UK industry on Brexit.

The interview, which lasted over three minutes, gave Michael, described as ‘a man with very strong opinions’, an opportunity to highlight again that the 60m pets in the UK did not vote for Brexit. Michael confirmed that pets – and the industry - in the UK want:

- To retain high welfare standards

- To continue to have access to the products they have now

Nicole Paley, Communications Manager at PFMA, confirmed: “We had been extremely concerned by the lack of progress in negotiations and Michael was delighted to be able to represent the Pet Industry on this historic day in Brussels. He is hopeful that this deal will give PFMA members some relief and a transitional period to put the necessary actions into place.” 

During the interview, Michael also highlighted that manufacturers either side of the Irish border would be relieved to hear that there would be no hard border, which would have been hugely problematic.  He also celebrated that rights of EU citizens’ in the UK appeared to have been secured, especially because of serious concerns over the status of the 90% of abattoir vets, and 30% of all vets, who come from the EU.

PFMA had pre-arranged meetings that day with the European Commission and the Irish and British permanent delegations where we discussed trade in agriculture in more detail. These meetings were even more timely given the breakthrough in negotiations.

PFMA’s Brexit Priorities are available at:

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Note to editors:

PFMA is the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry and our 70 members account for over 90% of the market. At the PFMA we focus on providing pet owners and professionals with information on prepared pet foods and good nutrition.

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