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PFMA Establishes Dedicated Group for Commercial Raw Producers

PFMA has launched a new group in its membership dedicated to focusing on the issues for commercial raw producers.

The ‘Raws Group’ brings together 7 companies in the sector and whilst Natures Menu has been a long standing PFMA member, this means 6 new members for the association.

Members of the Raws Group include:  Benyfit natural pet food, Durham Animal Feed, Honeys Real Dog Food (The Darling Experiment Ltd), Natural Instinct, Natures Menu, Nutriment Ltd, and TPMS Animal Feeds. With growing interest amongst other producers, the group is likely to expand soon.

Following an initial set up meeting, the group has agreed to focus on gathering market data to provide a gauge of market value for the sector, ensuring more quality information on responsible raw feeding and working through PFMA to extend the current FEDIAF Guide to Good Practice for the Manufacture of Safe Pet Food to provide sector specific guidance for raw producers.

Michael Bellingham, PFMA Chief Executive advises: ‘The timing is just right to have this group on board and we welcome our new members. There is an appetite for more information on raw feeding; we see this from our discussions with both vets and retailers. Working with this group we hope to address this. We will work with the Raws Group to provide more information on our website and we look forward to getting them involved in our pet nutrition seminars for pet care professionals.”

Craig Taylor, Natures Menu and Chairman of the Group, adds: ’There is real value in coming together as a group within PFMA and our new members are excited about being involved in this brand new group dedicated to raw producers. The focus of the group will help the industry to develop new codes of practice and provide professional support to communications about raw feeding and the growing consumer demand to feed pets with complete and balanced raw pet foods. The new group has already had its first meeting and more are planned to encourage a larger membership in this niche sector of the pet food industry “

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