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The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association and local pet care professionals join forces to launch “GetPetsFit” – with a mission to achieve happy healthy pets for all

On Wednesday, May 7th, the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) and pet care professionals in Teddington are coming together to launch #GetPetsFit, a pilot initiative to help pet owners achieve a happy, healthy future for their pets.[1]

The pilot aims to draw on local experts to educate pet owners about how to keep their pets in shape - including the need for exercise, weight management, and correct feeding routines - and recruit local pets to participate in a fun fitness mission running from May until December.

Zara Boland BVSc BE MRCVS, Founder of Vet Voice Ltd says: “I am delighted to be working with the PFMA to help the community of Teddington take action and improve the wellbeing of its pets. By working together, pet care professionals and pet owners can easily boost pets’ fitness – and have a great time in the process!”

The launch of #GetPetsFit ties in with the re-launch of the Weigh in Wednesday initiative - encouraging pet owners to be more aware of ideal weight - and follows the release of a report by the PFMA in March, which found that three in four (77%) vets believe pet obesity is on the rise.[2] The report also revealed that while the vast majority (93%) of pet owners would be concerned to discover their pet was overweight, only one in three (37%) knew how to check this. The PFMA is launching #GetPetsFit to help remedy this situation and make it both easy and enjoyable for local pet owners to jump start their pets’ health regime.

Michael Bellingham, Chief Executive of the PFMA says: “It is hugely encouraging to know that by feeding and exercising pets to the optimum level, pet owners can potentially give their pets an extra two years of active life[3]. Through the #GetPetsFit campaign, the PFMA and local pet care professionals want to equip the community of Teddington with the right tools and guidance to achieve this - and we are very much looking forward to following the pets of Teddington on this exciting journey.”

The campaign launch will take place at Teddington Cricket Club, where pet owners are invited to meet local pet experts Zara Boland, founder of Vet Voice Ltd, Jacky MacKenzie, founder Paws for Thought and Ian Stroud, founder of Vet4Life.

In addition to tips and advice tailored to their pet, they will receive a free goody bag including Pet Size-O-Meters and pet food. For dog owners there will also be a fun dog agility class, designed to put pet owners’ canine friends through their paces - the first in a calendar of exciting pet health events to run over the next eight months, including free weigh-in sessions and exercise activities.


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[1] The PFMA is the principal trade body for the UK pet food industry

[2] ‘Pet Obesity: Five Years On’ research, February 2014

[3] Richard D. Kealy et al., JAVMA, Vol 220,2002

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