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Pet Owners Boost the Nation's Coffers

The benefits of pet ownership also extend to the Chancellor as the Autumn statement approaches.

The Pet Advisory Committee (PAC) using the government’s own figures estimates that pet lovers spent almost £6 billion in 2010 and contributed more than £2 billion a year to the nation’s coffers in taxes.

Additionally there are other less visible benefits that help balance the Chancellor’s books. Independent studies indicate that the health benefits of pet ownership (and around of half of UK households do) effectively save the NHS as much as £1.5 billion a year.

As the Euro crisis deepens, other Finance Ministers in the EU should also take note. Throughout the EU in 2010, owners spent €29 billion on their pets (equating to €12 billion in tax revenues) and social scientists studying the health benefits of pet ownership in Germany estimated savings of €5.5 billion annually.

The Pet Advisory Committee points out that not everything can be reduced to hard cash as chair Tracey Crouch MP says ‘What this research shows is the positive contribution pets and their owners make to the economy and towards a healthy society. While the contribution to the economy is easier to identify, the companionship, interaction and exercise pets can give to their owners, in particular the elderly, and the effect this has on their well-being is of equal worth to individuals and society as a whole”.


Notes to the editor

The Pet Advisory Committee (PAC) was established in 1974 with the remit to examine the role of companion animals in society and to make recommendations to central and local government as to how pets can best fit into the environment, in the interests of the animal, its owner and the wider community.

Membership covers the whole range of pets from dogs and cats to rabbits through to reptiles and ornamental fish.  PAC believes that of the breadth of our membership enables us to give the most balanced and informative views on all pet animal welfare issues.





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