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Latest Pet Population Research from the PFMA Confirms we are a Nation of Animal Lovers

As we embark on the start of National Pet Month, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association launches it’s latest findings that confirm we are indeed a nation of animal lovers with over 40 million pets kept in the UK.

Cats and dogs continue their reign as Britain’s most popular pets with 22% of households owning a dog and 18% owning a cat. Fast on their heels are fish with 9% of households dedicated to indoor fish keeping. There is a population of around 3 million small furries including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.  

Michael Bellingham, PFMA Chief Executive advises: “The theme of this year’s National Pet Month is ‘Happiness is... time with your pet’, it’s a real celebration of the role pets play in our lives.  There is a wealth of research which shows that regular interaction with a pet has significant health benefits from reduced stress levels to increased fitness. After all they do for us, it’s important we give them the care they deserve in return.”
To make sure you are giving your pet the best care possible, visit the National Pet Month website to see the golden rules for good pet care:
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Notes to Editors
The PFMA is the principal trade body representing the UK pet food industry. It’s 58 members account for over
90% of the market and produce a wide range of products for cats, dogs, rabbits and other pet animals. To find
out more, please visit:
The research was carried out for PFMA by TNS - Face- to - face interviews - Representative sample of the UK

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The pet food industry: Playing a part in sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

The pet food industry is very mindful of the role it plays in the responsible use of resources, including minimising wherever possible the environmental impact of pet food production. Pets are part of the family and bring numerous benefits to society. Pets instil responsibility,
encourage social awareness, and contribute to wellbeing. As an industry, we have a responsibility to balance the needs of the population (pets and people) with protecting the environment for future generations.

The pet food industry: Preparing for Brexit since the referendum

With previous experience from a number of trade associations, including some time in Brussels, Michael Bellingham, chief executive
of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, is perfectly placed to lead the industry through these challenging times. Here he discusses
the impact and implications of the UK’s exit from the EU.