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PFMA brings industry together to celebrate and debate: ‘Pets, People and the Planet’

This week, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) held its first “face-to-face” Annual Convention for two years.

PFMA head to London Vet Show 2021

PFMA head to London Vet Show 2021

We can’t wait to see lots of familiar and new faces once again!

PFMA Welcomes New Associate Member - Pollen Consulting Group

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) are delighted to welcome our newest Associate Member – Pollen Consulting Group - onboard.

FREE Obesity Prevention Training on Pet Obesity Awareness Day from PFMA and The Webinar Vet 

PFMA is delighted to announce a superb line up of speakers at its FREE virtual ‘Obesity Prevention Training’ CPD event. The training will take place on Wednesday 13th October, Obesity Awareness Day, from 09:30 – 17:00 in association with The Webinar Vet and you can register here. 

Pets at Home becomes PFMA’s first Associate Member

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) recently launched a new Associate Member category for those who work closely with the pet food industry.

PFMA Updated Statement on Feline Pancytopenia 26 August 2021

On 26 August, the FSA issued an updated statement, which highlighted that following extensive wide scale laboratory testing, no causative link between the recalled cat food and feline pancytopenia has been established.

Canine DCM and Pet Food

Canine DCM and Pet Food

PFMA continues monitoring investigations into Canine DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) in the US, and urges pet owners to feed their pets with a complete and balanced diet, made by reputable manufactures.

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) Launches an Associate Membership Offering

For the first time in fifty years, those working closely with the pet food sector can now apply to become an Associate Member.

Updated statement on feline pancytopenia from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) 16 July 2021

The FSA published an updated statement on 16 July.

PFMA provides guidance on raw feeding in light of raw food study

PFMA is aware of recent research from the University of Porto focusing on a potential link with raw meat diets for dogs and drug resistant bacteria in dogs.

Information for pet owners concerned about pancytopenia

Feline Pancytopenia Q&As for pet owners

RVC investigation into pancytopenia in cats

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) are currently investigating a spike in cats presenting with the symptoms of pancytopenia.  This is a condition which causes a deficiency in all types of blood cells. Symptoms can include fever, pale gums, blood in the urine and faeces and bleeding from the nose. 

SPS Certification Working Group: Urgent call for new veterinary agreement as restrictions cause sharp drop in British exports to the EU and threatens the viability of UK business

PFMA, alongside other organisations making up the SPS Certification Working Group, which includes food and feed trade associations, hauliers, farmers and veterinary and environmental health professional organisations have joined together to propose in a new report an urgent new veterinary agreement and streamlined processes to resolve crippling restrictions to exports to the EU, Britain’s largest trading partner.

PFMA releases latest Pet Population Data

3.2m UK homes have a pandemic pet with 38% admitting it’s just like having a new baby

PFMA reassures the nation there is a good supply of pet food

PFMA is aware that some retailers are currently experiencing shortages of pet food pouches due to unprecedented demand. However, we would like to reassure pet owners there is a good supply of pet food in all other formats across the brands.

UK pet food industry struggling to export to the EU

PFMA, the representative body for the UK pet food industry, has raised alarm bells over the severe challenges faced by pet food businesses exporting to the EU.

PFMA comments on Exeter University study looking at cat predation

PFMA is aware of the recent study from Exeter University that focuses on cat predation and the role of specific interventions including play and diet in limiting this natural behaviour. As an organisation committed to the well-being of all animals, including the wildlife population and biodiversity, we welcome research in this area.

PFMA Launching World Leading Programme for Best Practice Raw Pet Food production

"The scheme coordinated by independent providers – KIWA, is designed to be an extra tool to support the safe production of raw pet food."


The pet food industry: Playing a part in sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

The pet food industry is very mindful of the role it plays in the responsible use of resources, including minimising wherever possible the environmental impact of pet food production. Pets are part of the family and bring numerous benefits to society. Pets instil responsibility,
encourage social awareness, and contribute to wellbeing. As an industry, we have a responsibility to balance the needs of the population (pets and people) with protecting the environment for future generations.

The pet food industry: Preparing for Brexit since the referendum

With previous experience from a number of trade associations, including some time in Brussels, Michael Bellingham, chief executive
of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, is perfectly placed to lead the industry through these challenging times. Here he discusses
the impact and implications of the UK’s exit from the EU.