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PFMA's Popular Pet Food & Nutrition Training Webinars Have Returned This October Offering Discounts to Pet Professionals

This is a great opportunity for pet professionals to improve or refresh their knowledge of pet nutrition and feeding, pet food legislation, labelling and claims, and manufacturing techniques, with presentations from top industry experts.

PFMA Responds to Edinburgh University Research on Environmental Impact of Pet Food

The pet food industry is very mindful of the role it plays in the responsible use of resources in pet food production, including minimising, wherever possible, its environmental impact.

PFMA confirms dramatic rise in pet acquisition among Millennials

Today, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association releases its brand NEW Covid-19 Pet Survey confirming a staggering rise in pet acquisition.

PFMA’s New Data Report Reveals the Performance of the Pet Food Industry 2019-2020

September 2020: The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has published a full UK Pet Data Report 2020 making in depth data available to a wider audience for the first time.

PFMA Welcomes Six New Members Onboard

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has grown its membership and are delighted to welcome six new companies onboard.

Getting a cat’s diet right from kittenhood helps way beyond the first few years of life

To celebrate National Kitten Day (Friday 10 July), PFMA has released a new factsheet with all the guidance needed to ensure a healthy balanced diet for the nation’s kittens.

PFMA Promotes Pet Nutrition Training to Veterinary Professionals and Pet Welfare Charities

If you are a small animal vet, vet nurse, pet nutrition advisor or keeper at a re-homing centre, or work within pet food or premix manufacturing or retail, this online training course could be for you!

PFMA’s Popular Pet Food & Nutrition Course Launches Online

PFMA has transformed its highly successful residential course into a series of online webinars appealing to a wide range of pet professionals in the UK and beyond.

PFMA turns fifty and launches a new short film to mark the occasion

Celebrating its 50th birthday, PFMA launches a short film to honour the role pets play in our lives.

Benyfit Natural Managing Director Becomes PFMA Chairman

PFMA has welcomed in its new Chairman, Greg Van Praagh, Managing Director of Benyfit Natural, part of RPFC UK

Pet supplements - are they necessary?

The world of pet supplements is diverse, with a wide range of products offering all sorts of functions and benefits. But what should pet professionals advise pet owners when asked about supplements?

PFMA announces the UK’s Top Ten Pets and acknowledges their pawesome support through the pandemic

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) announces the results of its annual pet population survey of 8000 households[i].

Why choose a PFMA member? What does it mean to be a responsible pet food manufacturer? New factsheets from PFMA answer these key questions

PFMA has developed two new factsheets focusing on the high levels of safety and standards underpinning the UK pet food industry

Effects of UK Lockdown Period on Wild Bird Food Market

Engaging with garden birds is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. Let's take a look at bird food sales and market trends before and during the lockdown period.

The importance of re-opening  garden centres and doing it safely

Reopening garden centres, while prioritising safety of staff and customers, could improve the availability and supply of bird food products, contributing to the welfare and conservation of wild birds.

PFMA provides guidance on raw feeding in light of study from Porto University

Whilst the products tested were selected from the Portuguese market, as this was covered in the UK press, PFMA would like to provide reassurance and guidance to UK pet owners.

COVID-19 pandemic remains a human to human transmission and more research is needed to understand its origin

Following a recent genomics study of the new Coronavirus, and a hypothesis around the role of stray dogs in initiating it, PFMA takes a look at the latest science.

PFMA position on possible cases of COVID-19 in animals

Recent news reports may have left owners feeling concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on their pets. PFMA throws light on the latest science to reassure pet owners.

Pets and Coronavirus: Guidance on walking someone’s dog

If you are walking someone else’s dog, the Canine Feline Sector Group, comprised of the UK’s leading pet welfare organisations, have developed some guidance to help keep everyone safe

Comfort in Crisis – Pets and Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Here are some top tips from the UKs best loved national pet charities and experts.

PFMA reassures the nation that a good supply of food is available for the nation’s pets

The body representing the UK pet food industry calls on pet owners to shop sensibly, advising there is enough pet food for all.

Tips on how to look after dogs and support local community during the current novel Coronavirus outbreak

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education at PFMA, shares her tips on how to look after pet dogs during the current Coronavirus crisis.

Companion animals and the new coronavirus

As a pet owner, you may have questions about COVID-19, or the new coronavirus

Registration now open for the PFMA Pet Food and Nutrition Course dates in April and June 2020

Pet food retailers, vets, vet nurses and other pet professionals can now receive animal nutrition training from PFMA, while members enjoy a 50% discount.

FEDIAF launches NEW myth-busting Carbohydrates Factsheet

In response to controversy around the role of carbohydrates, FEDIAF has worked with nutrition experts on its Scientific Advisory Board to develop a new factsheet about carbohydrates in dog and cat food.


Pet Gazette - June 2019 - FEDIAF defines focus for future

As the voice of the European pet food industry, FEDIAF is busy working with authorities, regulators and academics on a regular basis to support industry's efforts to provide safe and nutritious pet foods to the 80 million European pet owning households.  

PBW News - May 2019 - What owners need to know about rabbits

PFMA's top tips for rabbit owners - timed to celebrate Rabbit Awareness Week and the inclusion of a PFMA A3 poster in the magazine.