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PFMA in the media

Celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week, Nicole Paley writes a detailed feature on the dietary needs of rabbits, highlighting the role of comme …

Pet Product Marketing - June 2018 - Rabbit Nutrition

Nicole Paley contributes expert comment to latest pet food feature in Over the Counter magazine.

OTC - May 2018 - Food Glorious Food

Following PFMA's AGM, PBW News published a double page spread highlighting key news from PFMA including our population and market dat …

PBW News - April 2018 - PFMA's AGM Newspread

PFMA's tips on pet nutrition written for The Healthy Pet Guide (produced by Medical Health) to celebrate National Pet Month.

The Healthy Pet Guide - April 2018 - Feeding For Health

Nicole Paley explains the difference between small mammal nutritional needs.

Pet Gazette - January 2018 - Small Mammal Food

Nicole Paley looks at ways retailers can help tackle obesity.

Pet Gazette - December 2017 - Cat and Dog Obesity

With an overwhelming minefield of information for pet owners, PFMA offers some key advice on feeding a raw diet responsibly.  < …

Total Boarding - Nov/Dec 2017 - Raw Feeding for Cats and Dogs

Special feature by PFMA about the UK pet population and pet food market.  Highlights that PFMA has been tracking data since 2008 and …

International Animal Health Journal - November 2017 - UK Pet Population and Pet Food Market

PFMA explains there is a wide range of pet food products to meet all consumer needs and preferences.  The article explains that some …

Total Boarding - September / October 2017 - Claims on Pet Food

Nicole Paley explains how dishing up the right food will help keep your cat healthy.

OTC - May 17 - Feeding Felines

The PFMA unravels the science behind pet food formats: wet, dry and commercial raw. 

Total Boarding- May 2017 - Different Pet Food Formats

Puppies have a lot of growing up to do in a short space of time.  PFMA explains how getting the right diet from this early stage wil …

Total Boarding - Puppy Nutrition - March / April 2017

Michael Bellingham, shares his views on the post-Brexit pet food trade and confirms that the PFMA is tackling the challenges of Brexit fu …

Pet Gazette - March 2017 - Brexit

PFMA's vet survey shows growing confidence in prepared pet food - BUT obesity still a growing concern.

Veterinary Supplies - March 17 - Nutrition Spotlight

Nicole Paley confirms that Obesity is still a big issue for the pet population and gives advice to retailers on how to tackle the problem …

Pet Gazette - February 17 - Obesity

Pet obesity is still the biggest UK welfare problem and this front page feature highlights the work that PFMA does to encourage collabora …

Over the Counter - Autumn 2016 - Pet Obesity

In this full page feature, Nicole Paley explains that nutritional support has an important role in caring for the older dog.    …

Over the Counter - Autumn 2016 - Nutritional needs of older dogs

The latest science in small animal nutrition came under the spotlight at the first Moulton College and PFMA conference. Pete Wedderburn s …

Over the Counter - Late Summer - Obesity crisis in dogs and cats is biggest issue

Nicole gives her top tips on how businesses can build their online presence.

Pet Gazette - June 2016 - Building an Online Presence

Explanations and questions are equally important when you're trying to help pet owners make the right choices on nutrition.  

Over the Counter - Late Summer issue - Talking it through will help customers make the right choice

Nicole Paley details the dietary requirements for small furries.

Over the Counter - Summer 16 - Small Animal Nutrition

Nicole Paley explains how to give kittens a balanced diet.

Pet Gazette - April 2016 - Kitten Nutrition

Nicole Paley outlines essential advice for customers looking for puppy food. 

Pet Gazette - March 2016 - Puppy Nutrition

Nicole Paley gives retailers tips on how to offer customers high quality advice on wild bird food. 

Pet Gazette - February 2016 - The Importance of All-Year Round Bird Feeding

Nicole Paley explains how PFMA's own website can help retailers and their customers. 

Pet Gazette - January 2016 - Online Resources

Nicole Paley explains that the best Christmas present is correct feeding. 

OTC Winter 2015-16 Correct Feeding is Best Present

Nicole Paley looks at recent changes in the pet food sector.

Pet Gazette October 2015 - Industry Trends

Article by Nicole Paley asks readers if they are helping customers choose the right food for senior pets.  

OTC Autumn 2015 - Meeting needs of older dogs & cats

Nicole Paley gives advice on separating pet food myths from the facts.

OTC Summer 2015 - Check Pet Food Labels

Nicole Paley is quoted in feature responding to media focus on pet food costs.

Pet Gazette October 2015 - Talking Point

Nicole Paley gives advice on Senior Diets for Dogs.

Pet Gazette August 2015 - Senior Diets for Dogs

Article includes detailed comment from Michael Bellingham.

Pet Gazette July 2015 - Grain Free Diets

Nicole Paley explains the different, and sometimes confusing, terms on our cat food labels.

Your Cat July 2015 - Labels made clear

Michael Bellingham provides readers with everything they need to know about additives in pet food.

Pet Gazette July 2015 - Additives in Pet Food

Tips include PFMA advice and image of Cat Size-O-Meter.

Your Cat August 2015 - Keeping Fit with Kitty

Food expert Nicole Paley discusses the advantages of both and highlights why feeding a mixed diet could suit your cat.

Your Cat - June 2015 - Wet or Dry?

Nicole Paley explains that dietary intolerance and allergies in pet are rare. Article gives details on conditions and feeding options.

OTC - Late Spring 15 - Unwanted Reactions

Feature by Nicole Paley on feeding tips for cats with health conditions.

Your Cat - May 2015 - Feeding for Health

A recent study indicated a difference between pet food labels and what's in the tin. This article is PFMA's response and provides detailed …

PPM - May 2015 - What labels don't say

Are Brits falling out of love with their pets? Nicole Paley reveals the story behind the statistics.

Pet Gazette - May 2015 - Steady decline in pet population

New feature on dry dog food includes expert comment from Nicole Paley.

Pet Gazette - May 2015 - Dry Dog Food Series

Article tapping into expertise of organisations such as PFMA with a comment from Nicole on pet health.

Pet Gazette - April 2015 - Pet Health

Nicole Paley offers top tips for retailers on merchandising.

Pet Gazette - April 2015 - Merchandising Tips

Coverage for PFMA's new educational resources including the new animation.

Vet Record - April 2015 - New PFMA Animation

Front page feature in response to Nottingham research, which includes editor's comment and all quotes from Michael Bellingham.

PBW News - April 2015 - What's in the tin

Double page spread detailing PFMA's latest statistics revealed in the Annual Report including boxed out thoughts from Michael Bellingham and …

PBW News - April 2015 - PFMA's educational campaign

Michael Bellingham investigates what the future holds for the pet food industry.

Pet Gazette February 2015 - Looking Ahead

In depth article on Obesity featuring research, advice and quotes from PFMA and PDSA.

Pet Gazette January 2015 - PDSA and PFMA views on Obesity

Coverage for GPF Award Initiative won by Wag and Tone.

Pet Gazette January 2015 - GetPetsFit Award Initiative

Nicole Paley from PFMA gives her guide to the different types of dog food available, to help you read the labels on the packet correctly and …

Pet Food Buyers Guide - Crufts Magazine - Winter 2014

Nicole Paley gives readers advice on website development and promotion.

Pet Product Marketing - Get the best from your website

Michael Bellingham looks at some of the latest advancements so readers can share the benefits with customers.

Pet Gazette October 2014 - Clever Ingredients

The Big Interview with Michael Bellingham covering everything from PFMA's aims and campaign focuses to award wins and Michael's own kitten c …

PPM September 2014 - The Big Interview

Nicole Paley explains why it's important to keep cats fit!

Your Cat - Sept 14 - Fit not Fat

Nicole Paley explains the pet food label.

Over The Counter - Sept 14 - What can you glean from a pet food label?

A feature by Nicole Paley about different cat foods. Nicole explains how vet foods can make a difference. She gives detail on medical cond …

Your Cat - Eating for Health

Nicole Paley details the latest PFMA pet population survey results.

Pet Gazette - August 14 - Pet Population in Numbers

Full page feature with Nicole Paley reporting on the campaign to GetPetsFit. Includes quotes from spokespeople and a boxed out section focu …

OTC - Community-wide health campaign for pets

Feature details how the trade can make pet wellbeing their business. Article includes information on PDSA and PFMA campaigns.

Pet Product Marketing - Cash in on Cats

James Dessent reports on the PFMA's report highlighting the need to 'engage owner emotion' to beat new obesity high. Quotes Michael Belling …

Vet Times cover story - 'Pet Obesity: Five Years On'

Michael Bellingham confirms now is the time for pet professionals to get to grips with obesity.

Pet Gazette - Pulling Your Weight - April 2014

Nicole Paley looks at why so many column inches are dedicated to our furry friends.

Pet Gazette September 2013 - Pets in the Press

Nicole Paley outlines PFMA's top tips on feeding your cat - highlighting importance of portion control, meeting a cat's hunting needs and th …

Your Cat July 2013 - Feeding Tips

Michael Bellingham talks about the science behind palatability and how pet food companies ensure foods are tasty and nutritious.

Pet Gazette July 2013 - The Science Behind Palatability

Michael Bellingham outlines the latest pet population and market data giving his view on pet food trends.

Pet Gazette June 2013 - Popular Pets - The Latest Data

Some highlights of our Weigh in Wednesday campaign, which secured widespread coverage in the Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and on Daybreak to …

Weigh in Wednesday April 2013 - A Selection of Coverage

PFMA offers top tips on cat food outlining recent research, which showed owners reluctance to cut back. Article gives top tips on portion c …

Your Cat May 2013 - Getting Good Value from Cat Food

Michael Bellingham unveils research highlighting that 92% of owners with overweight pets do not see obesity as a life threatening risk. Art …

Pet Gazette May 2013 - Friends for Life

A selection of online cuttings from Telegraph, Your Cat and other websites.

Weigh in Wednesday April 2013 - A Selection of Online Coverage

Michael Bellingham explains how PFMA has been working closely with a number of organisations to promote better animal welfare. Article outl …

Pet Gazette April 2013 - The Animal Welfare Education Alliance

Michael Bellingham focuses his attention on the bird food market and looks at some of the activities the newly formed wild bird group will b …

Pet Gazette February 2013 - Taking Off - The Bird Food Market

Nicole Paley outlines her top tips for feeding cats -especially in a multi-cat household. Tips range from the importance of peace and qui …

Your Cat September 2013 - Feeding Advice for a Multi-Cat Household

Michael Bellingham looks at pet food trends in 2012 and discussed whether they are set to continue in 2013.

Pet Gazette January 2013 - Trend Setting

Michael Bellingham shares news on the National Pet Month theme and offers top tips for the pet industry on how to get involved.

Pet Gazette March 2012 - Companions for life

PFMA Responds to Defra’s Future Farming Consultation

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) represented the views of its eighty-plus members in an industry response to Defra’s ‘Health & Harmony’ consultation, which closed on 8 May.

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