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PFMA in the media

Nutrition Tips from PFMA incorporated in Your Cat Kitten Guide feature.

Your Cat - October 18 - Kitten Guide

Nicole Paley gives advice on puppy nutrition and diets.

Over the Counter - September 18 - Puppy Nutrition

Detailed feature in Cat World about feline nutrition refers to PFMA resources and expert comment throughout.  FEDIAF guidelines also …

Cat World - September 2018 - Feline Nutrition

Fantastic review of PFMA and PIF's rabbit symposium with detailed information on rabbit welfare.

PBW News - July 2018 - Rabbit Symposium

Informative article in Pet Gazette highlighting the seven steps for weight management.

Pet Gazette - June 2018 - Weight management tips

Celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week, Nicole Paley writes a detailed feature on the dietary needs of rabbits, highlighting the role of comme …

Pet Product Marketing - June 2018 - Rabbit Nutrition

Nicole Paley contributes expert comment to latest pet food feature in Over the Counter magazine.

OTC - May 2018 - Food Glorious Food

Following PFMA's AGM, PBW News published a double page spread highlighting key news from PFMA including our population and market dat …

PBW News - April 2018 - PFMA's AGM Newspread

PFMA's tips on pet nutrition written for The Healthy Pet Guide (produced by Medical Health) to celebrate National Pet Month.

The Healthy Pet Guide - April 2018 - Feeding For Health

Nicole Paley explains the difference between small mammal nutritional needs.

Pet Gazette - January 2018 - Small Mammal Food

Nicole Paley looks at ways retailers can help tackle obesity.

Pet Gazette - December 2017 - Cat and Dog Obesity

With an overwhelming minefield of information for pet owners, PFMA offers some key advice on feeding a raw diet responsibly.  < …

Total Boarding - Nov/Dec 2017 - Raw Feeding for Cats and Dogs

Special feature by PFMA about the UK pet population and pet food market.  Highlights that PFMA has been tracking data since 2008 and …

International Animal Health Journal - November 2017 - UK Pet Population and Pet Food Market

PFMA explains there is a wide range of pet food products to meet all consumer needs and preferences.  The article explains that some …

Total Boarding - September / October 2017 - Claims on Pet Food

Nicole Paley explains how dishing up the right food will help keep your cat healthy.

OTC - May 17 - Feeding Felines

The PFMA unravels the science behind pet food formats: wet, dry and commercial raw. 

Total Boarding- May 2017 - Different Pet Food Formats

Puppies have a lot of growing up to do in a short space of time.  PFMA explains how getting the right diet from this early stage wil …

Total Boarding - Puppy Nutrition - March / April 2017

Michael Bellingham, shares his views on the post-Brexit pet food trade and confirms that the PFMA is tackling the challenges of Brexit fu …

Pet Gazette - March 2017 - Brexit

PFMA's vet survey shows growing confidence in prepared pet food - BUT obesity still a growing concern.

Veterinary Supplies - March 17 - Nutrition Spotlight

Nicole Paley confirms that Obesity is still a big issue for the pet population and gives advice to retailers on how to tackle the problem …

Pet Gazette - February 17 - Obesity

Pet obesity is still the biggest UK welfare problem and this front page feature highlights the work that PFMA does to encourage collabora …

Over the Counter - Autumn 2016 - Pet Obesity

In this full page feature, Nicole Paley explains that nutritional support has an important role in caring for the older dog.    …

Over the Counter - Autumn 2016 - Nutritional needs of older dogs

The latest science in small animal nutrition came under the spotlight at the first Moulton College and PFMA conference. Pete Wedderburn s …

Over the Counter - Late Summer - Obesity crisis in dogs and cats is biggest issue

Nicole gives her top tips on how businesses can build their online presence.

Pet Gazette - June 2016 - Building an Online Presence

Explanations and questions are equally important when you're trying to help pet owners make the right choices on nutrition.  

Over the Counter - Late Summer issue - Talking it through will help customers make the right choice

Nicole Paley details the dietary requirements for small furries.

Over the Counter - Summer 16 - Small Animal Nutrition

Nicole Paley explains how to give kittens a balanced diet.

Pet Gazette - April 2016 - Kitten Nutrition

Nicole Paley outlines essential advice for customers looking for puppy food. 

Pet Gazette - March 2016 - Puppy Nutrition

Nicole Paley gives retailers tips on how to offer customers high quality advice on wild bird food. 

Pet Gazette - February 2016 - The Importance of All-Year Round Bird Feeding

Nicole Paley explains how PFMA's own website can help retailers and their customers. 

Pet Gazette - January 2016 - Online Resources

Nicole Paley explains that the best Christmas present is correct feeding. 

OTC Winter 2015-16 Correct Feeding is Best Present

Nicole Paley looks at recent changes in the pet food sector.

Pet Gazette October 2015 - Industry Trends

Article by Nicole Paley asks readers if they are helping customers choose the right food for senior pets.  

OTC Autumn 2015 - Meeting needs of older dogs & cats

Nicole Paley gives advice on separating pet food myths from the facts.

OTC Summer 2015 - Check Pet Food Labels

Nicole Paley is quoted in feature responding to media focus on pet food costs.

Pet Gazette October 2015 - Talking Point

Nicole Paley gives advice on Senior Diets for Dogs.

Pet Gazette August 2015 - Senior Diets for Dogs

Article includes detailed comment from Michael Bellingham.

Pet Gazette July 2015 - Grain Free Diets

Nicole Paley explains the different, and sometimes confusing, terms on our cat food labels.

Your Cat July 2015 - Labels made clear

Michael Bellingham provides readers with everything they need to know about additives in pet food.

Pet Gazette July 2015 - Additives in Pet Food

Tips include PFMA advice and image of Cat Size-O-Meter.

Your Cat August 2015 - Keeping Fit with Kitty

Food expert Nicole Paley discusses the advantages of both and highlights why feeding a mixed diet could suit your cat.

Your Cat - June 2015 - Wet or Dry?

Nicole Paley explains that dietary intolerance and allergies in pet are rare. Article gives details on conditions and feeding options.

OTC - Late Spring 15 - Unwanted Reactions

Feature by Nicole Paley on feeding tips for cats with health conditions.

Your Cat - May 2015 - Feeding for Health

A recent study indicated a difference between pet food labels and what's in the tin. This article is PFMA's response and provides detailed …

PPM - May 2015 - What labels don't say

Are Brits falling out of love with their pets? Nicole Paley reveals the story behind the statistics.

Pet Gazette - May 2015 - Steady decline in pet population

New feature on dry dog food includes expert comment from Nicole Paley.

Pet Gazette - May 2015 - Dry Dog Food Series

Article tapping into expertise of organisations such as PFMA with a comment from Nicole on pet health.

Pet Gazette - April 2015 - Pet Health

Nicole Paley offers top tips for retailers on merchandising.

Pet Gazette - April 2015 - Merchandising Tips

Coverage for PFMA's new educational resources including the new animation.

Vet Record - April 2015 - New PFMA Animation

Front page feature in response to Nottingham research, which includes editor's comment and all quotes from Michael Bellingham.

PBW News - April 2015 - What's in the tin

Double page spread detailing PFMA's latest statistics revealed in the Annual Report including boxed out thoughts from Michael Bellingham and …

PBW News - April 2015 - PFMA's educational campaign

Michael Bellingham investigates what the future holds for the pet food industry.

Pet Gazette February 2015 - Looking Ahead

In depth article on Obesity featuring research, advice and quotes from PFMA and PDSA.

Pet Gazette January 2015 - PDSA and PFMA views on Obesity

Coverage for GPF Award Initiative won by Wag and Tone.

Pet Gazette January 2015 - GetPetsFit Award Initiative

Nicole Paley from PFMA gives her guide to the different types of dog food available, to help you read the labels on the packet correctly and …

Pet Food Buyers Guide - Crufts Magazine - Winter 2014

Nicole Paley gives readers advice on website development and promotion.

Pet Product Marketing - Get the best from your website

Michael Bellingham looks at some of the latest advancements so readers can share the benefits with customers.

Pet Gazette October 2014 - Clever Ingredients

The Big Interview with Michael Bellingham covering everything from PFMA's aims and campaign focuses to award wins and Michael's own kitten c …

PPM September 2014 - The Big Interview

Nicole Paley explains why it's important to keep cats fit!

Your Cat - Sept 14 - Fit not Fat

Nicole Paley explains the pet food label.

Over The Counter - Sept 14 - What can you glean from a pet food label?

A feature by Nicole Paley about different cat foods. Nicole explains how vet foods can make a difference. She gives detail on medical cond …

Your Cat - Eating for Health

Nicole Paley details the latest PFMA pet population survey results.

Pet Gazette - August 14 - Pet Population in Numbers

Full page feature with Nicole Paley reporting on the campaign to GetPetsFit. Includes quotes from spokespeople and a boxed out section focu …

OTC - Community-wide health campaign for pets

Feature details how the trade can make pet wellbeing their business. Article includes information on PDSA and PFMA campaigns.

Pet Product Marketing - Cash in on Cats

James Dessent reports on the PFMA's report highlighting the need to 'engage owner emotion' to beat new obesity high. Quotes Michael Belling …

Vet Times cover story - 'Pet Obesity: Five Years On'

Michael Bellingham confirms now is the time for pet professionals to get to grips with obesity.

Pet Gazette - Pulling Your Weight - April 2014

Nicole Paley looks at why so many column inches are dedicated to our furry friends.

Pet Gazette September 2013 - Pets in the Press

Nicole Paley outlines PFMA's top tips on feeding your cat - highlighting importance of portion control, meeting a cat's hunting needs and th …

Your Cat July 2013 - Feeding Tips

Michael Bellingham talks about the science behind palatability and how pet food companies ensure foods are tasty and nutritious.

Pet Gazette July 2013 - The Science Behind Palatability

Michael Bellingham outlines the latest pet population and market data giving his view on pet food trends.

Pet Gazette June 2013 - Popular Pets - The Latest Data

Some highlights of our Weigh in Wednesday campaign, which secured widespread coverage in the Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and on Daybreak to …

Weigh in Wednesday April 2013 - A Selection of Coverage

PFMA offers top tips on cat food outlining recent research, which showed owners reluctance to cut back. Article gives top tips on portion c …

Your Cat May 2013 - Getting Good Value from Cat Food

Michael Bellingham unveils research highlighting that 92% of owners with overweight pets do not see obesity as a life threatening risk. Art …

Pet Gazette May 2013 - Friends for Life

A selection of online cuttings from Telegraph, Your Cat and other websites.

Weigh in Wednesday April 2013 - A Selection of Online Coverage

Michael Bellingham explains how PFMA has been working closely with a number of organisations to promote better animal welfare. Article outl …

Pet Gazette April 2013 - The Animal Welfare Education Alliance

Michael Bellingham focuses his attention on the bird food market and looks at some of the activities the newly formed wild bird group will b …

Pet Gazette February 2013 - Taking Off - The Bird Food Market

Nicole Paley outlines her top tips for feeding cats -especially in a multi-cat household. Tips range from the importance of peace and qui …

Your Cat September 2013 - Feeding Advice for a Multi-Cat Household

Michael Bellingham looks at pet food trends in 2012 and discussed whether they are set to continue in 2013.

Pet Gazette January 2013 - Trend Setting

Michael Bellingham shares news on the National Pet Month theme and offers top tips for the pet industry on how to get involved.

Pet Gazette March 2012 - Companions for life

PFMA Welcomes Four New Companies in to Membership

This month the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has welcomed four new diverse pet food companies in to membership.

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FEDIAF presents new Nutritional Guidelines at European Vet Congress

FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Industry Federation, has just released the 2018 edition of its scientifically reviewed Nutritional Guidelines for Cat and Dog Food. The updated version was presented earlier this month at the 22nd European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Congress in Munich.

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