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Feeding commercial raw pet foods safely and responsibly

Following the recent Daily Mail article PFMA provides advice and information to pet owners feeding a commercial raw pet food to their cats and dogs.

The Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) is aware of the recent article in the Daily Mail and the Public Health England (PHE) Report to which it refers.   

As Public Health England (PHE) have stated, cases like the ones highlighted in their report remain rare but we agree education on good hygiene practices is important. PHE along with the PFMA take education seriously and both have recently published new material to support pet owners feeding a commercial raw pet food. 

The risk of food-borne illness must be a serious consideration for any person choosing to handle and feed any raw product in the home. While it carries no greater risk than handling fresh raw meat intended for humans, pet owners must be dedicated to good hygiene practices in the home and maintain high standards of hygiene to prevent contamination. 

PFMA has provided some guidance for owners on best practice hygiene, handling and storage of raw pet food products:  

In addition to following this hygiene best practice, our advice to owners feeding a raw pet food is to use a registered raw food manufacturer who is professionally making raw pet food meals with appropriate microbiological controls. Furthermore, commercial raw producers within PFMA membership will manufacture their diets in line with this best practice guideline.  

Further information: PFMA has within membership 11 commercial raw pet food companies with a dedicated sector group. Last year we launched the best practice guideline on the Manufacture of Raw Pet Food, which has been developed in conjunction with Defra, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Public Health England (PHE) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA). A recommendation in the guideline is for raw pet food producers to provide clear and easy to understand hygiene, handling and storage information on the pet food packet as well as on off pack communications.  For more information on PFMA commercial raw manufacturers, please visit:  



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