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Do you know what you’re feeding your furry friend? PFMA advises it is easy to find out

Do you know what you’re feeding your furry friend? PFMA advises it is easy to find out

PFMA helps owners understand pet food labels and explains terms such 'meat and animal derivatives'.

Do you know what you’re feeding your furry friend? PFMA advises it is easy to find out

PFMA and its members are committed to providing pet owners with a clear understanding of what is in their pet’s food, which is why many pet food manufacturers provide full product information on company websites and have dedicated customer care lines to provide further support.

Many pet foods provide a full ingredients list on the label and these products are widely available. Alternatively, some manufacturers may label using category descriptions e.g. ‘Meat and animal derivatives’ or ‘vegetable derivatives’ instead of listing individual ingredients.

Using category descriptions means manufacturers can select ingredients based on supply without having the need to change labels constantly. 

Whilst the word ‘derivatives’ may not sound pretty (the term is set by EU legislation), pet owners should not be put off as this provides a highly sustainable way of sourcing ingredients. A vital consideration given current sustainability challenges and future thinking.

Regardless of the labelling format, all ingredients are subject to the same stringent legislation and any product labelled as ‘complete’ must by law provide all the nutrients a pet needs for healthy bodily function.

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