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PFMA Welcomes Six New Members Onboard

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has grown its membership and are delighted to welcome six new companies onboard.

Getting a cat’s diet right from kittenhood helps way beyond the first few years of life

To celebrate National Kitten Day (Friday 10 July), PFMA has released a new factsheet with all the guidance needed to ensure a healthy balanced diet for the nation’s kittens.

PFMA Promotes Pet Nutrition Training to Veterinary Professionals and Pet Welfare Charities

If you are a small animal vet, vet nurse, pet nutrition advisor or keeper at a re-homing centre, or work within pet food or premix manufacturing or retail, this online training course could be for you!

PFMA’s Popular Pet Food & Nutrition Course Launches Online

PFMA has transformed its highly successful residential course into a series of online webinars appealing to a wide range of pet professionals in the UK and beyond.

PFMA turns fifty and launches a new short film to mark the occasion

Celebrating its 50th birthday, PFMA launches a short film to honour the role pets play in our lives.

Benyfit Natural Managing Director Becomes PFMA Chairman

PFMA has welcomed in its new Chairman, Greg Van Praagh, Managing Director of Benyfit Natural, part of RPFC UK

Pet supplements - are they necessary?

The world of pet supplements is diverse, with a wide range of products offering all sorts of functions and benefits. But what should pet professionals advise pet owners when asked about supplements?

PFMA announces the UK’s Top Ten Pets and acknowledges their pawesome support through the pandemic

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) announces the results of its annual pet population survey of 8000 households[i].

Why choose a PFMA member? What does it mean to be a responsible pet food manufacturer? New factsheets from PFMA answer these key questions

PFMA has developed two new factsheets focusing on the high levels of safety and standards underpinning the UK pet food industry

Effects of UK Lockdown Period on Wild Bird Food Market

Engaging with garden birds is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. Let's take a look at bird food sales and market trends before and during the lockdown period.

The importance of re-opening  garden centres and doing it safely

Reopening garden centres, while prioritising safety of staff and customers, could improve the availability and supply of bird food products, contributing to the welfare and conservation of wild birds.

PFMA provides guidance on raw feeding in light of study from Porto University

Whilst the products tested were selected from the Portuguese market, as this was covered in the UK press, PFMA would like to provide reassurance and guidance to UK pet owners.

COVID-19 pandemic remains a human to human transmission and more research is needed to understand its origin

Following a recent genomics study of the new Coronavirus, and a hypothesis around the role of stray dogs in initiating it, PFMA takes a look at the latest science.

PFMA position on possible cases of COVID-19 in animals

Recent news reports may have left owners feeling concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on their pets. PFMA throws light on the latest science to reassure pet owners.

Pets and Coronavirus: Guidance on walking someone’s dog

If you are walking someone else’s dog, the Canine Feline Sector Group, comprised of the UK’s leading pet welfare organisations, have developed some guidance to help keep everyone safe

Comfort in Crisis – Pets and Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Here are some top tips from the UKs best loved national pet charities and experts.

PFMA reassures the nation that a good supply of food is available for the nation’s pets

The body representing the UK pet food industry calls on pet owners to shop sensibly, advising there is enough pet food for all.

Tips on how to look after dogs and support local community during the current novel Coronavirus outbreak

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education at PFMA, shares her tips on how to look after pet dogs during the current Coronavirus crisis.

Companion animals and the new coronavirus

As a pet owner, you may have questions about COVID-19, or the new coronavirus

Registration now open for the PFMA Pet Food and Nutrition Course dates in April and June 2020

Pet food retailers, vets, vet nurses and other pet professionals can now receive animal nutrition training from PFMA, while members enjoy a 50% discount.

FEDIAF launches NEW myth-busting Carbohydrates Factsheet

In response to controversy around the role of carbohydrates, FEDIAF has worked with nutrition experts on its Scientific Advisory Board to develop a new factsheet about carbohydrates in dog and cat food.

PFMA Welcomes Forthglade into Membership

Devon based dog food manufacturer, Forthglade, has recently joined the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA)

Handling Commercial Raw Pet Food Safely – New Educational Poster Available from PFMA

The ‘Handling Commercial Raw Pet Food Safely’ poster gives a step by step guide on best practice hygiene and handling steps for owners feeding a commercial raw pet food.

PFMA Welcomes New Member Yora On Board

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) continues to grow and diversify and is delighted to welcome Yora Pet Foods into membership.

The importance of Hay for Guinea Pigs – New Educational Poster from PFMA

This new poster from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) highlights what guinea pigs need in their diet to stay fit and healthy.

Brand new educational posters from PFMA available at London Vet Show  14-15 Nov

PFMA will be attending LVS with new educational tools to give away

PFMA plans to extend its popular Pet Food and Nutrition Course beyond its membership

Following two successful events in June and October 2019, PFMA prepares for opening its Pet Food and Nutrition Course to non-members

PFMA provides guidance on raw feeding in light of research from Zurich University

Research by the University of Zurich focuses on a potential link with raw meat diets for pets and drug resistant bacteria in dogs and cat. PFMA provides reassurance to pet owners.

Latest survey of UK pet food manufacturers highlights the impact of no-deal planning

A survey of UK pet food manufacturers by the trade body for the sector, the PFMA, reveals that the last three and a half years of uncertainty and no-deal planning has damaged businesses.

New expert review paper on carbohydrates in pet food launched by FEDIAF

this expert review will help to debunk some myths and to shed some light on what the carbs are and their role in nutrition

Companion Animal Nutrition (CAN) Conference 2020

Abstract Submission and Registration

Do you know what you’re feeding your furry friend? PFMA advises it is easy to find out

PFMA helps owners understand pet food labels and explains terms such 'meat and animal derivatives'.

Understanding Labelling

Understanding Labelling

The Pet Food Manufacturer's Association (PFMA) provides some advice on labelling and on understanding the term 'complete'.

Pawfect Guests at the House of Commons

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) recently held an event at the House of Commons to raise awareness of pet obesity and launch the third edition of its Pet Obesity Report:.

New Report reveals rise in pet obesity and heightened veterinary concern

Today, PFMA releases new data in its Obesity Report, highlighting that an alarming 51% of dogs, 44% of cats and 29% of small mammals are overweight or obese

PFMA provides advice to owners following the reported cases of Feline TB recently in the media

PFMA provides advice and reassurance to owners regarding their pet's diet

PFMA response to media coverage on cat TB cases and a potential link with diet

PFMA is aware of recent research by the University of Edinburgh looking at a number of cases of cats infected with Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), the bacterium usually responsible for causing Tuberculosis (TB) in cattle.

PFMA Launches Nutrition Course for Tailored Member Companies

PFMA now runs a tailormade nutrition course for members

PFMA delighted with positive member feedback

New survey taken by PFMA members[i] confirms reasons why pet food manufacturers value the trade body.

PFMA looks to the future of pet nutrition whilst asking MPs to sort out this dog’s dinner of a Brexit

Under the theme ‘Pet food nutrition: what’s next on the menu?’, there is a lot more clarity and certainty about the pet food sector’s objectives than what’s on the Brexit Menu

PFMA releases its NEW Top Ten Pets 2019 - Pets are the tonic for yappy days

Celebrating the start of National Pet Month, with its focus on the positive impact of pets on mental wellbeing, the PFMA release its 2019 pet data, based on interviews with 8000 households.

Managing Director of Benyfit Natural Appointed PFMA Vice Chairman

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has recently appointed Greg Van Praagh, MD of Benyfit Natural, as Vice Chairman to work alongside current Chairman, Tony Parkinson, of Town & Country.

Feeding commercial raw pet foods safely and responsibly (update)

PFMA responds to a recent study in Vet Record on feeding commercial raw pet foods.

Pet food labels have nothing to hide

Pet food labels have nothing to hide

PFMA responds to recent media comments on pet food labels. An article in the media today focused on pet food labelling and suggested that pet food manufacturers are not being transparent when using generic labelling terms. This is not the case.

Are food allergies on the increase? Can vegetarian diets deliver complete and balanced nutrition to cats and dogs? PFMA’s Veterinary Nutrition Experts have the answers

In response to demand from industry professionals, PFMA has worked with nutrition experts to develop two new factsheets on the subjects of Vegetarian Diets and Allergies, now available to download

PFMA produces Animal Welfare Framework – a commitment to supporting the welfare needs of all animals

Celebrating the end of the first year of PFMA’s Pet Food Vision, with its focus on Animal Welfare, the trade body has produced an Animal Welfare Framework.

Feeding the birds provides a lifeline during winter

The winter months provide a challenge for birds, as frosts, winds and snow can make it hard to find natural food supplies. Some smaller birds need to eat 30-40% of their body weight to survive the winter and supplementary feeding can provide a lifeline.

Feeding commercial raw pet foods safely and responsibly

Following the recent Daily Mail article PFMA provides advice and information to pet owners feeding a commercial raw pet food to their cats and dogs.

EU and member states endorse new FEDIAF Code of Good Pet Food Labelling

FEDIAF launches new Pet Food Labelling Code following approval from the EU Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition.

PFMA Welcomes Four New Companies in to Membership

This month the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has welcomed four new diverse pet food companies in to membership.

FEDIAF presents new Nutritional Guidelines at European Vet Congress

FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Industry Federation, has just released the 2018 edition of its scientifically reviewed Nutritional Guidelines for Cat and Dog Food. The updated version was presented earlier this month at the 22nd European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Congress in Munich.

Different species of birds have different nutritional needs – how to feed the variety in your garden

The University of Exeter and the British Trust Ornithology (BTO) recently released some research looking at the feeding habits of wild birds

‘Complete’ commercially prepared cat foods deliver optimum nutrition for the nation’s cats

The pet food industry is increasingly concerned about the rising misconceptions about commercially prepared pet foods. PFMA addresses points recently raised in the media.

PFMA Rabbit Nutrition & Welfare Symposium June 2018

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) hosted its second Rabbit Nutrition and Welfare Symposium in central London on 21 June

PFMA Responds to Defra’s Future Farming Consultation

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) represented the views of its eighty-plus members in an industry response to Defra’s ‘Health & Harmony’ consultation, which closed on 8 May.

PFMA meets World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as the UK seeks to be a more global player

PFMA visits the OIE to build its global network of contacts

Town & Country Managing Director becomes PFMA Chairman

Tony Parkinson - New PFMA Chairman

Pet Food Industry Unites on Animal Welfare

PFMA launches three-year Pet Food Vision at Annual Convention

Dogs unleashed and cats miaow-ving up the charts

PFMA releases its Top Ten Pets Chart and New Pet Population Data 2018

PFMA supports UK Food and Farming Sector Statement on Brexit

UK Food and Farming Sector unites to highlight impact on home-grown production

Raw feeders encouraged to seek a reputable raw food producer

Raw feeders are encouraged to seek a reputable raw food producer rather than buying raw meat from the butcher or supermarket.

Raw Food - Safety Guidelines

Raw Food - Safety Guidelines

PFMA responds to research from the Netherlands on raw feeding and how the commercial sector in the UK is leading the way on safety and standards

Feeding Treats to your Pet this Christmas

PFMA advice is that any treats given should ideally be specially formulated pet treats rather than human food tit bits. Treating should also be carefully monitored to prevent weight gain.

PFMA interview on SKY NEWS highlights Brexit priorities

PFMA’s visit to Brussels, on 8 December, proved to be well-timed with Theresa May also flying in to agree phase one of the UK’s preliminary Brexit deal. Moreover, SKY NEWS requested an interview with our Chief Executive, Michael Bellingham, as a representative voice of UK industry on Brexit.

Vet Survey shows a rise in Dog and Cat Obesity - PFMA launches new Obesity Poster ‘Get Hands on with your Pet’

PFMA’s survey of 215 veterinary professionals at the London Vet Show in November has highlighted a rise in obesity among cats and dogs, which now stands at 52% of dogs and 47% of cats – 3% higher than 2016 levels. Small mammals and birds fare slightly better with vets confirming 32% and 12% respectively are overweight or obese.

Survey shows Insights into Nation's Bird Feeding Habits - PFMA urges Young Families to Get Involved

As the first frosts hit, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) reminds families of the importance of feeding wild birds, particularly during the colder months when natural food supplies are scarce.

PFMA investigates pet feeding and health trends at London Vet Show (LVS)

PFMA is continuing to use its presence at LVS to secure an up-to-date picture of the state of pets' health. Visit Stand R20 to take part in our annual survey and win £100.


The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), has published new sector guidelines for the manufacture of commercial raw pet food to promote best practice in the sector

PFMA meets WTO and other major National Missions

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) embarked on a trade mission in Geneva, 9-11 October, to understand the implications of failing to agree our future trade relations with the EU.

PFMA puts Pet Food under the Spotlight at ESVCN Seminar

At the 21st Congress of the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN), held in Cirencester, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) hosted a seminar on 23 September: ‘Pet Food Exposed; Behind the Scenes of the Pet Food Industry’.

PFMA comment on the Pets At Home campaign

As the leading trade body, representing more than 90% of pet food manufacturers in the UK, PFMA is concerned by the current Pets At Home campaign, which could cause pet owners unnecessary worry over the quality of food they feed their pet.

Whatever your views on Brexit, the nation's 54 million pets didn't vote for it and will still expect their favourite foods to be available on 30 March 2019

In an open letter to all Party leaders, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) appeals to politicians to facilitate their task of operating successful UK pet food manufacturing business amid the economic and political uncertainties that are currently challenging the industry.

European pet food industry approves new safety and nutrition standards

An improved FEDIAF safety guide and updated FEDIAF dog and cat nutritional guidelines were presented and agreed at the European Pet Food Industry Federation’s annual meeting in Manchester.

Europeans continue to seek company of cats and dogs

The European Pet Food Industry Federation has presented new facts and figures for Europe: The popularity of cats, dogs, ornamental birds and small mammals remains very high.

As New Brexit Bills dominate, PFMA publishes its Brexit Manifesto

With Brexit bills dominating the government agenda and negotiations underway to seek a new relationship with the EU, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) has published its Brexit Manifesto at

PFMA supports the first ever UK hosted congress of the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition

The PFMA will be hosting a pet food nutrition seminar at the 21st Congress of the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN).


Following last night’s episode of ‘Trust Me I’m a Vet’, PFMA would like to reassure pet owners that they should not be concerned about arsenic levels in fish based pet foods

PFMA Statement on 'Trust me I'm a Vet', regarding the Nottingham University research

Pet food manufacturers must adhere to strict requirements to ensure the food they produce is safe for pets and meets the nutritional needs of the animal.

Miaow good news as cats claw their way into the affections of men

PFMA releases its Top Ten Pets Chart and announces a growth in the cat population.

Pet fans of the UK unite!  National Pet Month April 1 - May 1 2017 - is almost here!

National Pet Month, now in its 28th year, is a nationwide celebration that promotes responsible pet ownership and helps people raise much-needed funds for UK pet charities.

Food and drink supply chain calls for early agreement on future UK trade with Ireland

A key priority for the food and drink industry is to secure tariff-free trade with the EU, which remains our largest external market and our largest source of imported supplies.

Pets at Home Recall 2017

Pets at Home Recall 2017

PFMA is aware that Pets at Home have recalled 4 lines of its AVA dry cat food. This was due to lower thiamine levels (Vitamin B1) than specified in the recipe leading to a small number of cats becoming unwell.

PFMA announces all-star line-up for pet food seminar at London Vet Show

Following the overwhelming success of last year's event, PFMA has announced that it will be hosting a Seminar at LVS 2016: 'The humanisation of pet nutrition: Part of the family but not at the table'.

PFMA is aware of the recent study from Nottingham University Vet School looking at changes in canine reproduction and the potential effect of environmental chemicals.

The PFMA is delighted to announce that it will be attending PATS Telford 2016, (25-26 September) for the first time. The PFMA team is taking Stand C53 to reinforce its educational messages following 'The Truth about Pet Food' campaign.

PFMA Scoops Prestigious Digital Campaign of the Year Award

The Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) is delighted to have been recognised for innovation, winning the award for 'Digital Campaign of the Year' at the prestigious Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Awards and Dinner 2016 on 7 July.

PFMA Comment On Brexit

Comment from Michael Bellingham, Chief Executive of the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA)

New extensive range of PFMA Fact Sheets now available

In order to promote the 'Truth about Pet Food' - a campaign launched last year, PFMA has been working hard to develop a comprehensive range of pet food- themed Fact Sheets.

National Pet Month (NPM) has reminded people of the benefits of neutering their pets.

PFMA Announces New Chairman

PFMA Announces New Chairman

At its recent AGM, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) welcomed in its new Chairman, Peter Kersh, Managing Director of World Feeds, the specialist fish food manufacturer based in South Yorkshire.

PFMA's Tip Top Research Details Top Ten Pets

The Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) has released its well-respected annual Pet Population data.

Supershoppers on Channel Four

Supershoppers on Channel Four

Last night's bumper edition of Supershoppers (CH4, 8pm, 29 Feb) included a brief focus on pet food looking at the pet food label highlighting terms such as 'meat and animal derivatives'. To ensure pet owners are well informed, PFMA would like to expand on the snippets of information given.

PFMA has launched a new group in its membership dedicated to focusing on the issues for commercial raw producers.

With the aim of tackling stubborn pet food myths, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) held its first ever 'Pet Nutrition Debate' at the London Vet Show this November.

PFMA to hold first ever Pet Nutrition Debate at LVS

PFMA and a panel of experts including Dr Marge Chandler, Consultant in Small Animal Nutrition, Dr Nick Thompson, Founder, Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, Laura Ward, Pet Nutritionist at GA Pet Food Partners and Dr John Lowe, founder of Tuttons Hill Nutrition will be hosting a Pet Nutrition Debate at LVS.

The PFMA is aware of the recent media coverage in the Daily Mail/The Mirror, which reported shocking and clearly unacceptable welfare conditions for farmed rabbits in Europe. Both articles claim that rabbits are farmed to meet the demands of the UK pet food industry, however this is not the case.

Pet Food Labelling on Rip-off Britain

Following the Rip-Off Britain programme (BBC1, 22 Apr) which included a focus on pet food labelling, PFMA would like to address some of the issues raised.

Steady decline in UK pets, reveals PFMA's annual Pet Population Survey

Annual pet population data released by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) during National Pet Month (April 1 – May 4) is for the first time showing a steady decline. The UK pet population has fallen by 16% or 10.8 million over three years and 2% fewer households have a pet.

Labelling of Protein Sources in Pet Food

PFMA is aware of the recent study by a student at Nottingham University Vet School using DNA testing to identify protein sources in pet food and comparing this with the information provided on the pet food label. We very much welcome this study and the opportunity to talk about pet food labelling as it highlights a common and very reasonable misunderstanding of how pet food labelling legislation works. We hope with this additional background we can help clarify and explain some of the outcomes of the research.

Recent research among 2100 pet owners and 150 veterinary professionals conducted by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) indicates a high level of confidence in the pet food industry.

PFMA is pleased to announce that a brand new Pet Size-O-Meter for guinea pigs is now available from Developed by the PFMA, led by Dr John Lowe in conjunction with Dr Wanda McCormick at Moulton College, the aim of this body condition score chart is to help the UK’s population of 500,000[1] guinea pigs stay healthy and trim.

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has won ‘Website of the Year’ at the prestigious Trade Association Best Practice Awards set up to recognise, reward and promote best practice amongst UK trade associations.

The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association and local pet care professionals join forces to launch “GetPetsFit” – with a mission to achieve happy healthy pets for all

On 13 March, PFMA brought together guests from the pet care sector to throw the spotlight on pet obesity and to discuss how the sector could work collaboratively for a leaner, healthier future for pets. The Pet Obesity Question Time launched the start of PFMA’s #Get Pets Fit campaign.

National Pet Month launched on 01 April and with an initiative intending to forge community spirit and promote good pet care, the charity is calling on UK schools to team up with local pet charities, vet practices or pet care organisations to hold a fun, educational pet themed talk anytime from launch date to the end of the summer term.

In the UK we love pets and since the release of our first in-depth pet obesity report in 2009, PFMA has strived to support pet professionals and encourage owners to stop overfeeding and under-exercising pets.


In response to some of the issues raised in the Channel 5 programme ‘The Truth About Your Dog’s Food’ and the Daily Mail article ‘How pet food is killing your dog’, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued the following comments.

'Dogs Trust is concerned that some of the views expressed in the Channel 5 programme ‘The Truth About Your Dog’s Food’ are misleading.'

Britain's biggest public-led investigation into the healthy of native wildlife has begun, with the launch of the national Garden Wildlife Health project.

In light of recent media coverage about prepared dog foods, the PFMA speaks out on behalf of an industry deeply committed to enhancing pet welfare through optimum nutrition.

PDSA has launched its third Pet Animal Welfare Report, which focuses on the major animal welfare issues for the nation's cats, dogs and rabbits. PFMA supports the charity's aim to get the nation to take part in the Big Pet Check and also urges pet owners to use the Pet Size-O-Meter as a complementary tool.

Did you know that 50% of pets seen by vets in the UK are overweight? If you are a pet owner who is unsure if your pet is overweight, struggles to stick to a weight loss regime or you just don’t know how to start then take part in the PFMA’s next month of ’Weigh in Wednesdays’ starting from the 7th August and running throughout the month.

New research out today highlights that pet obesity is rapidly reaching crisis point but owners can take some simple steps to take control.....

The benefits of pet ownership also extend to the Chancellor as the Autumn statement approaches.

Following recent reports of ‘killer bugs’ in our pet cats and dogs in some national newspapers, it seems a shame that this could have an impact on the positive and highly beneficial aspects of owning a pet.

Following last year’s momentous report, PDSA have launched their second Pet Animal Welfare Report

Michael Bellingham offers advice on an amazing period of development - birth to weaning

Britain’s got pets!

But where do the most dogs dwell and who is most fond of fish? PFMA reveals all!

Research shows that Britain is nation of pet lovers and cutting back on pets is the last thing on owner’s minds even in tough times.

As the findings are released, the UK’s animal welfare charities collaborate and launch a new website with all their resources in one place

PFMA attended the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, where members of the Education Alliance gave a presentation calling for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership to be better integrated into the National Curriculum.

A scientific study conducted by a group of scientists found that quality of life improved measurably for obese dogs once they lost weight.

For all you dog lovers...

Take a look at Britain's most famous dogs- is your favorite on there?

Dogs are also a woman's best friend

Study shows pregnant women with dogs are 50% more likely to take their recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day than non dog owners.

Fish and chips- It's not for pets!

A recent study showed that UK pets are being fed leftovers of takeaways such as fish and chips, curry and donor kebabs. PFMA is concerned about the trend for pets being fed on human leftovers as it is a direct cause of the seven million UK pets who are overweight, unhealthy and at risk of a shortened life, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Just as humans, pets suffer from a broad spectrum of oral problems. Looking after their teeth is an important part of preventive health care, regardless of the type of pet. So, this February start looking after your pets teeth- here are our top tips for keeping those teeth healthy.

Giving out National Pet Month awards

PFMA has had the fun job of presenting awards for the best events organised in 2011 National Pet Month.

52% of people surveyed by would cut back on spending on days out and treats to save for their holiday , 62% would avoid shopping on the high street and four out of ten will bring a packed lunch rather than buying food at lunchtime. But just 6% would cut back on their pet so good news for our 20 million pets in the UK!

The website has been updated to improve the look, content and navigability of the website for our users. Have an explore and let us know what you think using our Contact Us Page!

The meeting was filmed for a Channel Four documentary on dog breeding.

Amazing Escape!

PFMA has been very impressed to hear about the tenacious dog Bilbo who managed to survive 20 days in a rabbit hole. The terrier is believed to have gotten trapped down there and was able to survive by eating soil and escape by having lost three and half pounds and being able to squeeze his way out!

Dog bravery!

PFMA was touched by the story of a stray Afghan dog adopted by a British soldier who was brought to Britain by the soldier’s family after their son was killed in combat.

Human food is bad for pets!

Research shows that UK’s pet population is the unhealthiest in Europe due to the feeding of human food with high levels of sugar, salt and fat as treats.

Breeders who attended the event listened to talks from top scientists on the latest treatments and trends for dogs suffering from cancer such as immunotherapy treatment and identifying molecular markers for cancer. The event is hugely valuable in keeping breeders up to date on health issues so that they can breed the healthiest dogs possible.

Students come and hear speakers from various fields relevant to the veterinary profession at the Clinical Club. PFMA gave a presentation on its role in the pet food industry with a particular focus on PFMA as a resource for vet students and career opportunities for vet graduates in the pet food industry.

As we embark on the start of National Pet Month, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association launches it’s latest findings that confirm we are indeed a nation of animal lovers with over 40 million pets kept in the UK.

Pet owners are at the front of the queue telling David Cameron what makes them happy.

Is your home harming your pet?

PFMA reveals the ideal home as designed by a dog, cat and rabbit

From biscuits to billions, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association is 40 years old this year - but the history of dog food goes back a lot further...

In the past, dogs were fed scraps. Today, the pet-food market is big business with a food to suit every budget and taste. We look at the latest trends in dog food and why we spend so much money feeding our pets.

Tomorrow's Dog Bowls! Dog food has undergone various revolutions in recent decades. What does the future bring?


The pet food industry: Playing a part in sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

The pet food industry is very mindful of the role it plays in the responsible use of resources, including minimising wherever possible the environmental impact of pet food production. Pets are part of the family and bring numerous benefits to society. Pets instil responsibility,
encourage social awareness, and contribute to wellbeing. As an industry, we have a responsibility to balance the needs of the population (pets and people) with protecting the environment for future generations.

The pet food industry: Preparing for Brexit since the referendum

With previous experience from a number of trade associations, including some time in Brussels, Michael Bellingham, chief executive
of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, is perfectly placed to lead the industry through these challenging times. Here he discusses
the impact and implications of the UK’s exit from the EU.