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PFMA supports UK Food and Farming Sector Statement on Brexit

UK Food and Farming Sector unites to highlight impact on home-grown production

Raw feeders encouraged to seek a reputable raw food producer

Raw feeders are encouraged to seek a reputable raw food producer rather than buying raw meat from the butcher or supermarket.

Raw Food - Safety Guidelines

PFMA responds to research from the Netherlands on raw feeding and how the commercial sector in the UK is leading the way on safety and standards

Feeding Treats to your Pet this Christmas

PFMA advice is that any treats given should ideally be specially formulated pet treats rather than human food tit bits. Treating should also be carefully monitored to prevent weight gain.

PFMA interview on SKY NEWS highlights Brexit priorities

PFMA’s visit to Brussels, on 8 December, proved to be well-timed with Theresa May also flying in to agree phase one of the UK’s preliminary Brexit deal. Moreover, SKY NEWS requested an interview with our Chief Executive, Michael Bellingham, as a representative voice of UK industry on Brexit.

Vet Survey shows a rise in Dog and Cat Obesity - PFMA launches new Obesity Poster ‘Get Hands on with your Pet’

PFMA’s survey of 215 veterinary professionals at the London Vet Show in November has highlighted a rise in obesity among cats and dogs, which now stands at 52% of dogs and 47% of cats – 3% higher than 2016 levels. Small mammals and birds fare slightly better with vets confirming 32% and 12% respectively are overweight or obese.



PFMA in the media

Pet Gazette - January 2018 - Small Mammal Food

Nicole Paley explains the difference between small mammal nutritional needs.