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Market Data Report 2021








New: PFMA Market Data Report 2021

Report Contents: 


​Pet Food Market in 2021 - The Impact of Brexit 

  • Member Feedback
  • HMRC Data 

Pet Food Market Data 2021

  • Annual Overview
  • UK Pet Food Market 2015-20 - Total Volume & Value with Annual Growth
  • UK Pet Food Market 2014-20 Sector Volume & Value with Annual Growth; 
    - Cat & Dog Food
    - Small Animals, Fish (Indoor & Outdoor)
    - Indoor Birds  Bird Food (Wild, Pigeon & Indoor)
  • UK Pet Food Market 2021 Sector Volume & Value Forecast
  • UK Pet Food Market 2015-20 Total Volume Share by Channel
  • UK Pet Food Market 2015-20 Total Volume Own Label vs. Brand

Pet Population in 2021 - Pet Ownership Admist a Pandemic

  • New Pandemic Pets 
  • Pets and Mental Health 
  • Time Spent with Pets - now and in the future
  • Pet Ownership Surprises and Challenges
  • Return to Work and Pet Friendly Policies
  • Sourcing a Pet 
  • Relinquishing a Pet 
  • Counting Cats 

Pet Population Data 2021 

  • Impact of Methodology Change 
  • UK Pet Population in 2021 - by species
  • UK Pet Population - % Households Owning a Pet
  • Regional Dog and Cat Populations 2021
  • Households with Dogs and Cats 2021
  • Households with Children and Pets 2021
  • Number of Cats and Dogs per Household 2021
  • Summary of data from Wild Bird Survey 2020
  • Summary of Fish Ownership daya

2021 Summary 

Appendix (Summary of methodologies) 

NB: In 2021 due to the Covid Pandemic, the survey moved online and due to the change in methodology (previously the survey was conducted via face to face interviews) current 2021 figures should not be compared to previous years. 




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