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How Often To Feed Your Dog

The key to a happy, healthy pet is feeding them the right type and right amount of food specific to their individual age and lifestyle. Historically dogs are scavengers, so will eat whenever the opportunity arises, however, this can easily lead to overfeeding. Manufacturers’ guidelines found on all commercially prepared pet food packaging (including dry food and wet food) recommend total daily amounts which can then be divided into a chosen number of meals. Your pet food manufacturer should also be able to provide further individual advice if you contact them directly. It is important to remember that your dog's nutritional requirements and appetite will vary as they go through life and depend on a number of factors such as:



Life Stage/Age       

Activity Level 

It is essential that your pet maintains an ideal body condition throughout life for optimum health and to try to minimise the risk and impact of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. To see if your dogs fall into a healthy body size try using  PFMA's 'Pet Size-O-Meter'.   Use regularly to check that your pet is maintaining the right weight throughout life. If your pet appears to be under or overweight then food quantities, and possibly diet type, will need to be adjusted to correct this. Your vet will always be the best person to advise you for your dog’s own individual health and nutrition needs as he/she will be able to assess them directly.



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