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All pet food has a guide on the packet, which gives you an idea of how much your dog needs but remember every dog is different.  Some dogs are big, some small and some in between.  Some dogs are also more active than others and may need more or less food depending on their stage of life.


So, the best way to to make sure you are feeding your the right amount is to follow the guide on their dog food pack but also check your dog's size and shape every two weeks our Pet Size-O-Meter, if you like you can get a grown-up to help.  If the Pet Size-O-Meter shows you that your dog is looking thin, you should give them a little more time food with each portion and ask your vet for advice.  If they are looking a little overweight, then give them a little less food with each portion and again ask your vet for advice.  

SCRAPS FOR SCRAPPY:  We know, he looks at you with those big puppy eyes and you can’t resist giving him food from your own plate – but resist! Your food is good for you but not for your dog! Our food has too many calories and not the right kind of nutrients. Dog treats are okay (they’re just the same as you having tasty treats between meals) but not too many or you might have to cut down on your dog’s main food.

CHOCOLATE IS POISON TO POOCHES! Chocolate is poisonous (or toxic) to dogs because it has a lethal chemical called theobromine. It’s o

kay for us but bad news for dogs. So no chocolate. Ever! Dog chocolate is okay – but like all treats, in small doses.


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