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Hamsters - Ideal Home

Hamsters are clever little animals who love to explore and run about.  They need a safe enclosure approximately 60 x 30 cm – ideally with different levels.  It’s important to remember that in addition to squeezing through tiny gaps, they can chew through wood, plastic and even some soft metals so do your research before purchasing an enclosure!

Enclosures should be kept at a constant temperature in a sheltered area. Due to their sensitive hearing, make sure they are away from noisy equipment such as televisions and even freezers.

Wood shavings (avoid cedar and pine) are perfect additions to your enclosure although you might like to try sawdust for longhaired breeds.  Bedding should be absorbant – avoid anything synthetic which your hamster might try to eat.  Also add shredded paper for you hamster to nestle.

Although hamsters love arranging their enclosure into separate areas for sleeping, feeding and toilet, you will need tidy daily and clean the cage at least every week.

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