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Guinea Pigs - Other Needs

Guinea Pigs are great pets with very specific needs that must be met if they are to be healthy and happy. PFMA is a member of the Animal Welfare Education Alliance and we believe that owning and caring for a pet is a big responsibility.  We recommend all owners read about their duty of care, as outlined in the Animal Welfare Act, and understand about their pet’s five welfare needs. We have sections dedicated to diet and ideal home.  Here we have other information about the three remaining needs COMPANY, BEHAVIOUR and HEALTH.


Guinea pigs love company of their own!  It helps them keep busy socialising and exercising.  Just remember never to keep rabbits with guinea pigs as they don’t mix well.

Make sure your guinea pig has sufficient toys and things to play with.  You should also ensure your pet can avoid things that scare them like dogs, cats and ferrets.


There are many different breeds of guinea pigs and although most are very sociable, their personalities do vary.  Once again, we suggest you do your research before taking on the responsibility of owning a guinea pig.  If your pet has a suitable home and is cared for correctly, they should behave happily. 


An owner should regularly check their guinea pig is healthy and happy.  You can do this by monitoring if there are any changes in eating, drinking, toilet habits and his / her behaviour or appearance.

Common problem areas for guinea pigs are their teeth and claws, which both need to be worn down by eating fibre and walking on hard surfaces or clipping. 

If you are concerned about your guinea pig’s health, we always advise you see your vet. 

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