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Guinea Pigs - Ideal Home

Guinea Pigs need good, secure, roomy housing. The provision of a secure outdoor run is recommended, but be sure to provide lots of hiding places, as guinea pigs are prey animals and need to feel safe from potential predators.

Guinea Pigs naturally chew wood; so make sure that any wooden hutch you buy has been treated with non-toxic products. A good hutch will have two compartments – one for the day and one to nest and hide in at night.

The hutch should be placed in a position that is sheltered, out of direct sunlight. Extremes of temperature can cause stress that may result in discomfort or illness. In cold weather there must be adequate protection from draughts, wind and rain. Repositioning the hutch can make the most of winter sunlight, and remember to place the hutch on bricks or legs to avoid becoming damp during wet weather.

Poor housing that is too small and does not provide the opportunity for guinea pigs to exercise can also increase the possibility of obesity.  


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