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Fitness Initiatives


GetPetsFit and Weigh in Wednesday were initiatives launched by the PFMA to help pet owners ensure a healthy future for their pets by keeping their weight under control.  Although these campaigns ran in 2014 and 2013, it is still easy to implement and kick start similar campaigns in your areas so please read on!

In 2014 we worked closely with a team of experts and pet owners in Teddington to host a number of exciting GetPetsFit pet health events including agility courses and weigh in clinics.  You can watch our You Tube video or read our press release for more information.  

Weigh in Wednesday was a campaign we ran in 2013 to throw the spotlight on good nutrition and healthy living on Wednesdays! On this day, pet owners were driven to their local vets, retalier or other specialist to monitor their pet's body size and get advice on pet health.

All the posters, pet-size-o-meters and weight charts etc are still available in this Healthy Pet Kit section to download so please do think about starting a campaign in your area!

Both campaigns were supported by our Obesity Reports and you can read more about these here.


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