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Ferrets - Other Needs


Ferrets sleep for up to 20 hours per day and are most active at dawn and dusk. When awake, they love to explore and need to be given the opportunity to run around and forage. 

You need to allocate sufficient daily exercise time - just make sure you are around to supervise and play too! It’s a good idea to provide your ferret with appropriate balls, other toys and tunnels.  Some ferrets also enjoy playing in water so a little shallow bathing bowl could be provided.


Ferrets can live alone but they prefer to live with one or two others – if they get on! Also, unless you want a large family, make sure they are single sex or neutered.  If only one ferret is to be kept, remember you are its play mate and will need to dedicate more time to entertaining and exercising.

When thinking about introducing a ferret into your household, it’s important to remember they are easily frightened.  Be very careful with introductions to other pets. Ferrets can live with dogs and cats but not with other small furries.

It’s usually unsuitable to keep ferrets in a house with small children – they have sharp teeth and can bite so be careful whatever your age!


An owner should regularly check a ferret is healthy and happy.  You can do this by monitoring if there are any changes in eating, drinking, toilet habits and his / her behaviour or appearance.

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