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Ferrets - Ideal Home

Ferrets are very active pets and need a large hutch – ideally with different levels - to stay happy and healthy. Ferrets don’t like being too hot or too cold so hutches need to be in a dry, sheltered location and might need to be moved into a garage in winter.

Ferrets also need plenty of exercise outside their hutch and most owners construct a run or let them out into a safe garden.  Due to their inquisitive nature, ferrets will chew anything!  So, be careful there are no dangerous or sharp hazards in your garden or run.

When in their hutch, ferrets love burrowing in dust-free bedding.  Hay is unsuitable but old clothes or towels are ideal.  Don’t forget hutches need to be cleaned regularly – more than once a week in the winter.  Ferrets can also be toilet trained – unlike many small furries - so need a litter box filled with dust-free litter material.


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