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Fact Sheets and Tools

PFMA has always focused on educating professionals and owners on good nutrition.  A couple of years ago, the 'Obesity Report - Five Years on' revealed some shocking facts about pet health.  In response, PFMA has continued to developed a range of generic educational tools and resources to help answer your pet food, pet care and weight management questions. 

They can all be downloaded (for free) and displayed in your vet practice, pet shop, welfare charity or educational establishment.  We have produced our materials for educational purposes and we ask that you don't change the format or use them to sell any particular product.

We also have NEW Bird Education Tookits specifically designed for teachers.  The Maths and Literacy Lesson Packs focus on caring for wild birds.  We are encouraging schools to introduce the lesson plans to help children reconnect with nature. Please help us spread the word!

We will keep building the content so please do return regularly. 

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