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Exercise- Keeping Your Cat Fit

And they have paws, not hands, so they’re rubbish at PS and Xbox – and have you ever seen a cat on Wii Fit?

What they really love is exercise because:

   It stops them putting on too much weight.

  It’s good for their heart, lungs and their coat.

  It's a great way to keep them and you healthy so get-up, get-out and have fun!

  It’s a brilliant way to enjoy quality time with your pet




Cats can't be taken on walks like dogs so it is harder to make sure they get enough exercise.  Encouraging cats to spend outside helps them to get more exercise but the best way of helping your cat to exercise is by getting them to play!  Either playing you with or playing toys helps cats keep active and different games and toys can encourage running, jumping and hunting behaviour; all of which will help to keep your cat fit!




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