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Difficulty Level 2/5
You’ll need:
-          some tasty treats
-          a lot of patience
-          several essions
-          your dog (it’s helpful if your dog already knows the ‘down’ or ‘lie-down’ command)
-          a grown-up
1.       What you’re trying to do is to get your dog to lie down. From lying down you want it to turn its head to one side, (left or right doesn’t really matter) because this is the first stage of a dog rolling onto its side. Once it can roll onto one side, it’s easy to coax it onto its back and then over onto the other side again… Well, that’s the plan!
2.       Get your dog to lie down then put your arm over the back of its neck with a treat in your hand.
3.       Try and tempt your dog to turn its head towards the treat.
4.       If your dog does turn its head give it the treat.
5.       Keep practicing, each time get your dog to turn its head a bit more.
6.       As your dog gets used to this and turns its head round it should naturally begin to roll onto its side.
7.       When your dog is rolling half way onto its back start to add your command, which is, ‘roll-over’. Say ‘roll-over’ just before you ask your dog to roll. (How’s it going so far?)
8.       Once your dog is used to rolling onto its side, see if you can get it to roll further onto its back.
9.       Once on its back, you can tempt your dog over to the other side so that it has made a full turn. Wow!
10.   Remember lots of rewards and lots of patience and don’t expect to teach this trick in one session - good luck!

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