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Outdoor Birds - Dealing With Predators

predatorsA few simple steps can make your garden a safer place for visiting birds. Read the following for some tips.

  • Feeding stations and water bowls/baths should be placed far away from bushes, low covers and other areas where predators might hide.
  • Birds of prey such as Sparrowhawks may take smaller birds from garden feeding stations. Move the feeding station around the garden regularly makes it more difficult for the Sparrowhawk to predict where the small birds will be feeding.

Cats are natural predators and although each individual cat may have different habits of taking prey, cat owners can do things to help reduce the impact their pet may have on garden birds. For example limiting the time your cats spend outdoors during the night and during the early bird breeding season can reduce the risk. Attaching bells to your cat’s collar can provide a warning noise to wary prey and lower the number of successful pray catches.

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