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Cats - Other Needs

Cats are great pets with very specific needs that must be met if they are to be healthy and happy. PFMA is a member of the Animal Welfare Education Alliance and we believe that owning and caring for a pet is a big responsibility. We recommend all owners read about their duty of care, as outlined in the Animal Welfare Act, and understand about their pet’s five welfare needs.


Cats enjoy human company but it is important to treat them well as kittens so that they see you as a friend.  Most adult cats will only be friendly with cats they have grown up with and may not accept new companions! Avoid other dogs and cats that scare them. If you do have more than one cat, they do not like to share so make sure they have their own food bowls, water bowls, beds etc...

All cats – indoor and outdoor – are playful animals.  They should be provided with a scratching post and other toys to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.  You should also try to fuss over them, play with them and give them as much exercise as possible

If your cat’s behaviour changes you might want to check with your vet that he or she is not ill.


All cats should be registered with a vet and vaccinated against life-threatening diseases such as cat flu and leukaemia.  Your vet can also advise on worming regularly and treatment for fleas.  They can also check your cat’s mouth for signs of oral disease and you  should help try to keep you cat’s teeth plaque free.

It’s important to neuter your cat for a number of health reasons, unless you specifically want to breed from them.  Neutering helps control behavioural problems as well as unwanted litters.

We also recommend microchipping and researching pet insurance.

As an owner you should regularly check your cat is healthy and happy. You can do this by monitoring if there are any changes in eating, drinking, toilet habits and his / her behaviour or appearance.

Cats can suffer from obesity and it is very important to monitor your cat’s body condition. At the PFMA we have developed some excellent tools to help pet owners keep an eye on their pet’s health. Click here for our cat size-o-meter, which you can print off as a guide.

If you are concerned about your cat’s health, we advise you see your vet.

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