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Cats are often described as independent creatures, aloof and sometimes even haughty!

However, with the right care, they make very affectionate and loving pets. This section provides everything you need to know to meet your cat’s needs.

The food you feed your cat is the single most important thing you can do for its health, happiness and wellbeing, so understanding cat food is essential for a responsible cat owner.  We have three sections dedicated to feeding a cat.  You can read all about Cat Food, a cat's Nutritional Needs or browse our  Feeding Tips.

For your cat, your home and garden are their territory - our Ideal Home section will give you some tips on making your cat's environment as comfortable as possible.  We also have a section dedicated to a cat's Other Needs - have a read to find out more about their health, behaviour and need for companionship.

We also have lots of great tools and resources for cat owners including Pet Size-O-Meters to help keep your pet in check and an online calculator to see how many calories there are in their food!

Our generic section on Pet Food Facts also includes helpful advice for cat owners.

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