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Cats - Kids' Guide

Welcome to our Cat Learning Zone, where we have lots of helpful information for you and your family on how to care for your pet. We have feeding, grooming and exercise tips, tricks to teach your pet and some fun trivia and quizzes. We have everything you need to be the best possible owner to your pet.

Pets are fun and they make great companions but did you know that pets are actually good for you? Well, they are and here’s why:

A recent study in the UK said if you have a pet you are less likely to take time off school. Yay! (children without pets take as much as three weeks more off school! Oops!)

Having a pet means you’ll have more respect for other living things around you. And if you respect them, your pet will give you 100% love and loyalty.

It may be sad, but loving your pet, watching it grow old and eventually die, helps prepare you for life. (Sniff).

Stroking your cat or dog can make you heartbeat slower and your blood pressure lower (which is a good thing as seriously high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks!)

If you do have a life-threatening illness – like a heart attack - if you own a pet you’ve got a much better chance of getting better!

A recent scientific surveys show that if you live with a cat or a dog when you’re little, you’ve got less chance of getting hay fever, asthma and animal allergies!

A 5 year long survey tried to find out if pet-owners have a better life. They asked more than 11,000 Australians, Chinese and German pet-owners who told them:

In the 5 years the pet-owners went to the doctors 15-20% fewer times.

The healthiest people were the ones who owned a pet.

The next healthiest were the group who got a pet during the survey (and hadn’t had a one before).

The least healthy people were those who had never had or no longer had a pet!

If you are looking for more materials for learning about pets, please look at the FEDIAF website and also - you will find lots of fun games, quizzes and educational leaflets.



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