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Brexit & PFMA

The decision taken by the UK electorate in June 2016 to leave the EU had profound implications for our members. Uncertainty is the enemy of our business, it lowers confidence levels, risks curbing growth and innovation and as a result PFMA is engaging in discussions at all levels to inform Government of issues and potential opportunities that will affect our members’ interests and business operations.

To read the press release 'Whatever your views on Brexit, the nation's 54 million pets didn't vote for it...' for the latest onPFMA's letter to politicians to facilitate their task of operating successfull UK pet food manufacturing businesses, please look at the news section.

Our priority policy areas are:

- Animal Health & Welfare

- Raw Materials Supplies

- Regulatory Regime

- Market Access

- Workforce   

PFMA's Brexit Manifesto

Under the banner ‘A Brave New World: Opportunities and Priorities’, PFMA published the Brexit Manifesto, the day after the Prime Minister’s Article 50 letter was delivered to Brussels. Our publication was very timely and was delivered at the PFMA AGM, alongside a lively debate on agriculture and international trade.