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It’s really tempting to give your dog  a little treat, especially from your hand - but think carefully if you do.

Food for humans is not good for dogs – it has the wrong nutrients and too many calories (that’s what scientists use to measure how much energy there is in food).

One or two little treats a day for your pet is fine but if you are giving your pet lots you might need to cut down on the rest of the food it gets at mealtimes, which can upset the balance of your dog's healthy diet.

Dogs love taking the food that you offer them but some of it can even be toxic (or poisonous to them).  Did you know human chocolate is actually poisonous to dogs? It has an ingredient in it called theobromine, which a dog’s stomach can’t break down.  If you think your dog might have eaten chocolates – get an adult to contact your vet.  Best of all keep all chocolate out of sight because your dog may be clever enough to find the chocolate but not clever enough to know it shouldn’t eat it!


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