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All about Pet Food

The PFMA is the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry and our 85 members account for over 90% of the market. (read more) At the PFMA we focus on providing pet owners and professionals with information on wet, dry and raw prepared pet food and good nutrition.  Whether you are a pet owner or work with pets, we have toolkits to make it easy to implement healthy feeding regimes. Most of our articles are split by pet type but we also have a section dedicated to more technical subjects so click on the relevant box below. (read less)

How Pet Food is Made

We hope this film explains everything about how cat and dog food is made but if you have any additional queries please do contact Click here to find out more

Managing Director of Benyfit Natural Appointed PFMA Vice Chairman

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has recently appointed Greg Van Praagh, MD of Benyfit Natural, as Vice Chairman to work alongside current Chairman, Tony Parkinson, of Town & Country.

Feeding commercial raw pet foods safely and responsibly

PFMA responds to a recent study in Vet Record on feeding commercial raw pet foods.

Pet food labels have nothing to hide

PFMA responds to recent media comments on pet food labels. An article in the media today focused on pet food labelling and suggested that pet food manufacturers are not being transparent when using generic labelling terms. This is not the case.

Are food allergies on the increase? Can vegetarian diets deliver complete and balanced nutrition to cats and dogs? PFMA’s Veterinary Nutrition Experts have the answers

In response to demand from industry professionals, PFMA has worked with nutrition experts to develop two new factsheets on the subjects of Vegetarian Diets and Allergies, now available to download

PFMA produces Animal Welfare Framework – a commitment to supporting the welfare needs of all animals

Celebrating the end of the first year of PFMA’s Pet Food Vision, with its focus on Animal Welfare, the trade body has produced an Animal Welfare Framework.

OTC Supplement - March 2019 - Guide to latest feed advice and trends

Nicole writes about raw feeding - how it's not just the latest fad.  The article gives reassurance on food safety with handling and storage advice.

OTC - March 2019 - NPM focuses on mental health

Article written by our National Pet Month trustee partner, NOAH, about the focus on this year's NPM theme, mental health. Includes a lovely round-up of the research and variety of benefits pets bring to people.

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Pet Population 2018

13m households (45%) own a pet. Data details populations by pet type.
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Factsheets and Posters

New series of Fact Sheets on pet food and nutrition subjects.
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Codes Of Practice

The latest news on guidelines for the manufacture of raw pet food in the UK.
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PFMA’s fact sheet helps deciper the wealth of information on pet food labels.
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Brexit & PFMA

PFMA published the Brexit Manifesto at its AGM on 30th March, the day after the Prime Minister's Article 50 letter was delivered to Brussels.
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