Weigh In Wednesday - everything you need to GetPetsFit

Weigh in Wednesday

Under the #GetPetsFit campaign umbrella, we are continuing to encourage everyone to throw the spotlight on good nutrition and healthy living on Wednesdays - Weigh in Wednesdays!  

More about Weigh in Wednesday

During Weigh in Wednesdays, pet owners will be driven to call their vets, local retailers or other pet care specialists to monitor their pet's body size and get advice on pet health. Research has shown that by keeping pets at their ideal body size, their lifespan can be extended by up to 2 years. Our Obesity Report: Five Years On is the backbone of our campaigns and proves the need for more action.  

What can you do?

PFMA provides all the tools including food diaries, weight logs and pet size-o-meters to posters for surgeries and shops. We have everything you - as an owner, vet, retailer or manufacturer - need to help tackle overweight pets and make sure those that are a healthy size stay that way! Click on the relevant tab on the right or below to download information.  Or order your WiW pack and we'll post them to you.

Want to find out more?

Please contact Nicole Paley at PFMA on 0207 379 3003 or nicole@pfma.org.uk

For further information, interview requests or images please contact PFMA’s press office at pfma@saltlondon.com or on 020 8870 6777